Family Misconduct While Pregnant

I was 19 and pregnant. My husband and I stayed at my folks house in my late pregnancy. That's so mom could help me out while giving birth. My husband enjoyed my huge swollen milk filled breasts and the head/hand jobs I gave him while I had a swollen belly. He missed poking me. I told him he could still screw me but he didn't want to in fear of causing damage in me.

I started to fear that my husband Kurt might stray and cheat on me. I had a mom-daughter conversation about my fears. She explained to me how to keep him from straying, that's if I'm willing to go along with the idea. She was willing to be his cum dumpster. I was shocked that she said that. She confessed to me that grandma was a cum dumpster for dad while she was pregnant. I thought it over deeply in my mind and agreed to it.

First I had to edge my husband on in seduction of my mom. Mom started to wear her morning robe loosely while cooking breakfast. Kurt tried to get a peek of mom breasts thru the opening. I put my hand on Kurt and felt his stiffy. "Naughty you!" and gave him a kiss and smiled. In the evenings while having dinner, mom would wear a short skirt and when she bent over, you could see that she had no underwear on. I would elbow Kurt and pointed it out to him. Finally one night in bed I lied to my husband. "My mom has the hots for you. Why do you think she teasing you. Dad lost interest in her." I lied. "Why do you think I edge you on. I want you to poke her. I want your penis to feel a vagina again because you need it hun!" "I want my mom to be happy too!" me still lying to Kurt. I told him that seeing him pleasing mom would make me love him more.

The next day dad went to work. It was Kurt's day off. At breakfast time mom's robe opened baring her breasts across from Kurt. I whispered to my husband, "This is it." "Mom if you want Kurt to do you, I don't mind and he's willing as long as I watch." "I love you baby, and always be your mom." We went into the bedroom and watched my husband dump his load in her.

The next couple of weeks I watched my husband dump his load in mom. I started to get envious and jealous. My brother stopped by. I confessed to him Kurt won't screw me. "I wouldn't mind screwing a pregnant woman." he said. He said my pregnant body turns him on and he remembers what happened between us in the past. "Your tits are so huge and I would like to suck them. I told him that there wouldn't be anyone home but me the following day. We agreed to hash out the past.

I was wearing a sheer nightgown as I let him come in. "Wow! I never imagined you tits would get so big!" he said. We went into the bedroom where he undressed. I totally forgot he had a huge mushroom head on his penis. I sucked it until it got hard. I laid back on the bed, spread my legs over his shoulders as he gently inserted his dick in me. "Wow! what a belly you have! So sexy and hot!" as he rubbed it with his hands. I was enjoying his mushroom in me. Without realizing what I was doing, I pinched my nipples and milk squirted out. He leaned forward with his mouth open and said, "Do it again." I told him I orgasmed and he pulled out and covered my belly and rubbed it all over my belly.

The time came for no more insertion. I didn't need my brother's help. He begged me if he could suckle on my breast after the birth and feed him my milk. I told him time will tell if I'm willing. As for my mother she stopped being a cum dumpster for Kurt and became a nanny for our little baby girl.


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  • You left out the part where your newborn daughter sucks off your father, and then your aunt's husband's cousin's son comes over and butt-fucks your mother.

  • Still made me cum tho

  • Really? You should get out more...

  • I call BS.... just another garbage story (most likely by a dude from the writing), not a confession

  • The story inspector!!!! I’ll tell you if it’s true or not!!!!

  • Yeah.... and I'm the queen of Sheba.

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