Wake up surprise and then on to the day

I was awakened to soft touch on my c***. It felt amazing having my wife stroke me and getting me rock hard as I awoke. As I came more fully alert, I realized the soft white noise was the hairdryer in our bathroom. When I looked to the door I saw my wife drying her hair getting ready to go shopping with her sister. I jumped a little at the realization and felt the hand slide away. That is when I remembered that her niece had slipped into bed with us during the night. She is a little scared of storms and there had been quite a bit of thunder.

I look over at her and she is "sleeping", having just rolled away from me with her back to me now. I checked to see on my wife's progress and figured that she had definitely been out of bed for at least 15 minutes. I gently touched her niece's back and she snuggled into my hand. She loved having back rubbed. I knew then that this girl had been playing with my penis while I was sleeping. While it was very scary situation I couldn't get over how aroused I was at being woken that way.

Later that day she came and laid on the couch beside me and asked me to rub her back. I obliged and soon she had made her way onto my lap. I was watching a movie and only half attentive to what I was doing but remember later that she said she was rolling over so I could rub her stomach. Shortly, after I realized she has moved my hand down and herself up so that what was where her stomach was is now put my hand rubbing her pussy. She had been wearing a long T-shirt to run around the house and had slipped off her panties. Again, I was terrified at the events that had taken place and confused as to why she was acting this way but I guiltily have to admit to being a little turned on!

1 month ago

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    • You should tie her to the bed and cum on her pussy while she scream, and you should video tape her creampie.

    • You should stick your cock in her

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