Pleasing Fellow Camper

My teenage kids talked me into going camping one weekend. "It be something than staying home. " they said and how right they was. My husband left me for a thinner woman. I enjoyed the sex we use to have. I knew I was getting overweight, so I did whatever in sexual activity I could do to please him. I became too obese for him and he found another woman. I tried the dating sites and sex sites to find someone but no luck, no one wanted a fat woman.
I needed to shake off my depression so my kids and I went camping. I walked the trails and campsite with them site-seeing. I met this guy who helped me set up at the campground. We walked around the campgrounds and chatted. I told him about my marriage and he confessed to me about his ex wife. He was sitting around his campfire sipping wine when I went over to his site to give him some food the kids and I had leftover from dinner. He poured me some wine and we chatted. To my surprise he began to massage my shoulders and give me a back rub. "That feels good! " I told him. He suggested we go inside his camper to get away from the insects.
I guess it was the wine we drank that got us horny. He began to run his hand all over me which I didn't mind and began fingering my clit. I exposed what little tit I had and he licked and sucked on it sticking his fingers in my vagina. He told me to undress so he can massage me. He too undressed and I saw he had big balls. I laid on the bed with my head towards him and he massaged my breast and played with my belly folds. I started to play with his manhood and he wanted to put it in my mouth since his ex wouldn't. He always wanted to screw her mouth. Hearing this I decided to take his tool deep in my mouth and sucked it wildly like I use to do with my husband. "Holy shit! " i heard him say. Then he leaned forward squeezing my small breast and the folds of my belly as he watched me playing with my hidden clit. I gagged on the cock of his but kept taking it deep down my throat. He pulled out smacking my face with it and giving a load of semen between my small tits and rubbing it on my fat belly.
He pushed my belly up tongued me there. I screamed in pleasure, "Yes, yes. " since it was more pleasurable than my husband's tongue. I grabbed his head and pressed it into me shaking it. He seemed to enjoy it and started to squeeze my belly folds hard. He began to suck my juices and said out loud, "So tasty! "
I got on knees , spread my ass cheeks and told him I wanted anal sex.He ran that fantastic tongue on the hole wetting it, fingered it and putting in that that dick of his in giving me a load there.
My kids wanted to know where I was, "Just enjoying the night air. " I said. I gotten exhausted from the sex play and slept late. When I went to satisfy the guys morning wood, his campsite was empty. At least I finally received sexual pleasure.

1 month ago

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    • Good for you… everyone needs someone no matter how you look .. enjoy life ;)

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