I'm a crossdresser, but no one knows about it. I keep that to myself But one day something strange happened to me that I've always dreamed about. I work at this rec center. Been working there for years. There was this young girl name Melody that started coming up to the center every morning just to hang around and talk. She was cute, kinda thin and I thought she was kinda nice. She started coming up there so much that one morning I said to her "I'm going to take you to a motel some day." I thought that would scare her away but instead she said " Really?? When??" I just said " One day soon". After that she kept asking me every day when I was going to take her. So eventually I took her to a motel and fucked the shit out of her. I have to admit she had some really good pussy. Afterwards I gave her some money and dropped her off at home. We had sex many times after that. She must have mentioned our little deal to her cousin whose name was Nina, because Nina came up to me one day and asked if I could give her the same deal as Melody. Well, secretly I had always liked Nina. I thought she was a real cutie. And yes I wanted to fuck her at any cost. So we started fucking at the motel too when I wasn't fucking Melody. Some time later Nina's mother approached me and said to me that she could really use a little extra money and that I should be giving her that money instead of Nina. So I started fucking Ninas mama too. Those three women almost fucked me to death. When I wasn't fucking one I was fucking the other. Melody had the best pussy. Nina was the cutest and her mama was built the best. Soon even more of their friends began to approach me about my little sex deal. But I told them three was all I could handle at the moment. It was fun though.


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  • Ages of them??

  • What the heck, haha

  • I know. I didn't have time to do anything else but fuck. Those three women always seemed to need some money and I was always horney. Nina was one of the prettiest young women I have ever seen, but Melody was a whore. She fucked my brains out. And Nina's mama was old school. She really knew how to please a man. She was built like a brick shit house too. But me?? I think I was the biggest whore of them all. I'll fuck anything anywhere. This was my dream come true.

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