My first sexual experience

I was 13 when my mom and I moved into her boyfriends house, and I didn’t know it at the time, but the reason he always had money and never had to work for it, was because he was about the biggest drug dealer in that whole town.

That isn’t the weirdest part of it tho. He was also a very active member of his church, although I’m not sure I ever heard anything religions come out of him or his junkie friends, but they had all kinds of rules and all the families did everything together all the time.

There was an older boy I really liked who was also one of the ministers kids. He was in high school while I was still in junior high, but it was really obvious to everyone how much we liked each other, so the minister made a point of getting to know me while laying down all the new rules for my life.

He took me into the church office and told me he was really cautious about letting new people into his family, and said he knew I was knew to all of it, and he was sorry, but he had to make sure I was pure.

He sounded like a real preacher and it made sense that he didn’t want his son with a bag girl, so I went along with it. He asked if I was a virgin and I said that I was. “So you’ve never done anything sexual with anyone ever?” Well, no I was dating a boy and I had given him a handjob. Okay a lot of handjobs. He kept staring at me so ok, i told him he lived across the street from our school and I sucked his dick every lunch hour for the 2 Years we were together. He asked if I spit or swallowed his semen, and I told him I had always swallowed it. That was the deal we made to keep my virginity.

Then he asked if I had ever had anal sex, and I hadn’t ever heard of it. He told me it’s a different kind of sex that isn’t a sin, because it doesn’t break the hymen and make me impute. He told me their church made a real distinction and every married couple started with anal sex before marriage and saved the cherry until their wedding night.

He took me to another room and told me to undress and put on a tiny robe to cover myself so he could examine me. It was shorter than a mini skirt and I kept my panties on to help cover myself, but he told me everything had to come off, especially down there for the examination.

He took me to another room with a big padded table and told me to unrobe and lay down on it. Then he picked up a camera and asked me to spread my legs as wide as I could and he took a lot of pictures of me as I laid there in shock. He smiles at me and tried to comfort me by saying he was sorry if I was uncomfortable, but we are all family here and it will get better.

He put on some latex gloves and poured lube into his hands, saying it was cold and he wanted to warm it up. He got between my legs and pried my Pussy open with his fingers and tried to look inside, then he slid one finger inside and felt around as he spoke to me. He slid it in and out while he rubbed my clit with his thumb sayin he was sure my hymen was intact. When he tried to enter a second finger I cringed in pain and he backed off smiling saying how glad he was that I’d saved myself for his son.

Then he had me get on my hands and knees and asked me to slide back to where he was so he could work on me a little. I was staring ahead at the wall as he slid his greasy fingers in and out of my asshole, slowly adding one more finger at a time. Then he pulled something out of a drawer and slid it up inside me. It was a lot bigger and slid really deep inside of me. It only hurt a little but he was sliding it faster and faster and asked me to reach back between my legs with my right hand, and he got it wet with lube and showed me how to rub myself to make the anal sex more pleasurable. He asked me if it felt good and I told him that it did, and he started ramming the object just a little bit deeper inside of me and i tensed up and held my breathe and exploded in orgasm, and I was shaking all over out of control. I was so embarrassed but he told me that he had never seen anyone do that on their first try before. He told me I was a nature and I should be proud of myself. He gave me a tube of lube and I saw the large double headed rubber dildo he had just pulled out of my ass and I was shocked at the size of it. He quickly put it away and told me it’s the only way to get me ready for the real thing, and said I could get off the table now. He took my robe and threw it in the laundry bin saying I guess we don’t need to hide in that anymore.

All the families went on a huge camping trip that weekend, and his son and I were given official public permission to begin seeing each other and we even got to put up our own tent. Once we had it up he asked to speak to me inside and then asked me to take all of my clothes off so he could fuck my ass. He pulled off his swimming trunks and showed me how big his dick was, and I asked if he wanted me to suck it, but he said he wanted me to suck it after we finished.

So as everyone else was putting up their tents and setting up camp, I was on my knees biting my pillow trying to be quiet as my new boyfriend rammed his dry cock up my ass. Eventually it was impossible to stay quiet and everyone laughed and whistled as I squealed in pain begging him to hurry up and cum. When he finally did, he yanked his dick out of my ass and told me to turn around so he could shove his dick in my mouth telling me to swallow it! Swallow it! And I did, but he had the creepiest smile on his face as he pulled my face into his waist and told me to suck him clean.

Everyone was cheering and patting him on the back when we came out, and his mother gave me a g-string bikini to put on so everyone could see her boys first fuck oozing out my swollen asshole, not knowing I had already eaten all of our first born, and she wasn’t kidding either.

My stepdad took me for a walk and asked me how bad it hurt, then taught me how to smoke a meth pipe and got me really high. He told me the first ones free but it was gonna cost me if I wanted more.

My lovely new boyfriend spent that whole week dragging me into that tent as often as he could, and I was sneaking off into the trees for somewhere to hide while I smoked meth before sucking off my stepdad to pay for it every chance I got. By the 4th day I was on my hands and knees getting assfucked and swallowing loads out of his dick as well. I wondered how long before everyone was allowed to fuck me up the ass, and the answer to that was about a week after he cut me off the dope, I was bending over for anyone with $50.

When I could take it no more, I spread my legs for my stepdad and begged him to pop my cherry, and I came to church with blood running down my legs, and that not only got rid of my boyfriend, but we were excommunicated from the church and thrown out of my stepdads home.

I’ve never done drugs or been to any church since.

Thank God.

26 days ago


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    • I preach to my 13 year old daughter too
      Can you guess what about

    • Less harmless then a fly! idiot!

      (of course then I take her sweet buds in my mouth and make her shudder as I finger her little girl clit)

    • I'm pretty sure that's in the Bible. Somewhere near the back, maybe.

    • Way in the back, with the ads for pedo-priests and crucifix dildoes.

    • Oh yeah that's the edition I have too

    • Leave the fucking pedo alone! He is jerking off to your replies! This is the only contact he can get!

    • "I spread my legs for my stepdad and begged him to pop my cherry" I hope she knows that this part made me blow my load! I shot all over some pix of Maise de Krassel!

    • Do you really think anyone believes what you post asshole? You are less harmless then a newborn kitten!

    • So you’re saying it’s all lies because no adult has ever taken advantage of a child?

    • No just you stupid! You are too stupid and moronic to get close to kids! Adults see you and wouldn't let you anywhere near a kid! You are a harmless bull shitter that's it!

    • But I have some nice candy for them. They really like the special Twinkie™ that is filled with sweet cream!

    • The kids are smarter then you idiot!

    • Smart yes! Smart and greedy! The things they do for a pair if iPods! They cost me $150 but so worth their little mouths 👄 on my cock!

    • Sure little fly. Harmless and all talk.

    • You'll feel different when I get your teenybopper daughter hooked on meth and has to suck me for more!

    • Better leave kittens out of this or someone's gonna fuck one

    • I'm glad you didn't hang around long enough to drink Rev. Jim Jone's Kool Aid !

    • This post is very Jones-like. Jones insisted on sex with all the young girls. All the women in fact.

      The People's Temple was an arm of the Democratic Party, you know. They were a real political force in San Francisco, turning out busloads of volunteers to walk precincts for favored politicians. Jones was so powerful that Vice President Walter Mondale and first lady Roslyn Carter met with him. Gov. Jerry Brown and Willie Brown, who would become the Assembly Speaker and a mayor of San Francisco, appeared at an honorary dinner.

      With Democrats solidly in charge of California, look for more cults like this to spring up! More Kool-Aid for everyone!!

    • Being that Jim Jones had Democratic rep. Leo Ryan killed when the man attempted to leave Jonestown with some people who no longer wanted to stay there, I'd say your claims of the People's Temple being an "arm of the Democratic party" fail to hold water. Also, he was never a political force in San Francisco , hell, he fled the place due to charges of a salacious nature involving homosexual cruising. Be leery of conspiracy theory.

    • What Jones did to Ryan after he'd moved to Guyana isn't germane to the topic of his Democratic activities in the States. California State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown compared Jones to “Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein and Chairman Mao.” Peoples Temple helped elect George Moscone in 1975 and in return, the new mayor appointed Jones to the city’s Housing Authority Commission. In a rally for Rosalynn Carter, more than half the crowd consisted of Peoples Temple members. While perhaps it may be a stretch to say the Temple was an "arm" of the Democratic Party, they were most assuredly a force.

    • So hot! I love those ass-fucking meth-smoking teenie-boppers!

    • I’m going to become a preacher now

    • Fuck off pedo!

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