Teasing wife for cable guy

I love the thought of the wife being wanted and seen by another man. We had an appointment for the cable guy to come over in the morning between 8- 12. Of course they are always late so we were not worried about getting up super earlier to be ready for him. Well of course he was there first thing. I answered the door and told him to come in and get started. He started in the living room and was going to work his way thru the house. Of course my wife was still upstairs waking up. I told her she need to get up, and throw something on. I said we could sit in the kitchen and have coffee while he made his way around. I of course grabbed some clothes for her...well seeing the opportunity I went into the draw and grabbed a thin, tight, V-neck white t-shirt and cotton shorts . My wife has large breast 34 dd with very perky nipples. She puts the clothes on and said "is this ok...I feel like this shows to much?". I told her you cant see anything, your covered its fine. However my cock was getting hard just looking at her. You could totally see her erect nipples and outline of her areolas. Her shorts were tight enough that her ass checks were showing slightly and you could see the start of a camel toe. As we walked to the kitchen I could see the cable guy stop and look at her and her breast and ass as she walked by. I knew he liked what he saw. As we sat in the kitchen he came in twice to ask some questions. I could tell he was just trying to get a good look at her tits in the tight white shirt as she sat at the table drinking her coffee. It was so hot knowing he wanted to see her body. At this point I had an idea. He had not done our bedroom yet. So I went into our draw and pulled out a couple of our nude pics I had of my wife. I also grabbed a pair of her dirty thong under ware out of the hamper. I left the pics and under ware on the floor near the cable outlet knowing he would have to find them. I was so hard thinking he was actually going to see my wife naked in the pics and I am sure he would take the chance to feel and maybe take a smell of her panties. As we sat there drinking our coffee and he finished up our rooms I was so turned on. He came back down to the kitchen and needed some papers signed. I got up to act like I was doing something so asked my wife to sign. She had to stand up so she was on total display for him to see. He stared at her tits the entire time trying to be discreet but was still getting an eyefull. He gave us his card and said if we had any issues he would be happy to come back out...lol I bet he would. She said to me, he seemed very eager to come back if we had any problems. I said that must just be the new policy for good customer service. But I knew better he he. He left and I ended up fucking my wife right there in the kitchen because I was so turned on. When I went back up stairs I noticed one of the pics of my wife and the thong were gone. The cable guy took them. I got turned on all over knowing he was going to have them to jerkoff too forever. Nothing to hot in this story but I loved it and cant wait for another chance to show off my wife!

3 months ago

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    • Watch some Popeye cartoons

    • I would love to see your wife's tits also...

    • I wish I was the guy I would have done you both lol

    • Still a hot story.
      I want to see your wife’s tits.

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