Fantasy thoughts about my wife

I have been married for many years now and have always liked viewing my wife showering or changing clothes and her not being aware that I was voyeuring her.
Before she realized that I was spying on her, I would put our cam recorder in the bathroom and film her. I would then get excited to watch her on the cam later. Of course she figured it out and now makes sure that she is not being watched. She says she thinks I will show the pics of her to some of my friends and thinks she looks terrible naked. I have never showed anyone the pics but sometimes I get turned on thinking of some guy seeing her in all her glory. Once I did have a neighbor who we talked trash about our wife’s. At some point I set up a plan for him to see her naked. Wife was in bathroom showering and I opened the curtains in our bedroom, just a little, not to be obvious, She walked around for a short time and I knew that if he was outside the window, he would get to see her. I was so turned on even though I did not know if he was out there or not.
So my point is, I know there are other guys that have done the same and am interested in hearing your story. Sometimes I wish I had showed her pics.
Maybe they would have let me see their wife’s. Still today a great turn on.

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  • I dig exactly where you're coming from . Before my wife got too old and fat ( her description, not mine ) she was good with showing off her body. It was usually in a skinny-dipping situation, or BDSM scene parties. I would arrange the curtains or blinds and watch her as she prepared for showers, or getting out and drying off. I never let anybody else in on these voyeur set ups, and wish I would have.

  • I have now just came out and asked the wife to leave the curtains open when she is in the bathroom and I will be outside in the yard and would play the voyeur game and she knows how much it turns me on to do this but she still says no. Anyone have the same experience or does your wife love the game?

  • Before construction, we had old floor tot ceiling windows..which I nicknamed voyeur windows..even in the bathroom. One night, feeling adventurous, ,I turned up the blinds so that you could see in at night like there were no blinds at all, and waited until she went into the shower. I took off outside to the driveway where the window faced. There is an open lot next door, so it's pretty visible, but also pretty dark. Before I could get to the optimum spot, I noticed another guy on a bike who happened upon his luckiest night. I was right, it was like there was nothing impeding his view. I could see what he was seeing, but he couldn't see me. We both watched my wife strip and shower. It wasn't the last night this happened with many different neighbor men for well over two years before we had reconstruction done. later five college guys moved in next door and I started adjusting the blinds so they could see into our Bedroom window. After awhile, she got wise, and thats when her latent exhibitionism started to emerge. got woodys when she started wandering around the backyard in the early mornings with almost transparent nighties..

  • A few years ago, I took a new job in another state. My wife stayed behind to sell our house (which took forever). When the FOR SALE sign went up in our yard, our next door neighbor Keith approached us while we were doing yard work to ask about the move. It was obvious (to me at least) that Keith always had a thing for my wife because he was constantly flirting with her. When I told him about my new job situation...that I'd only be able to come back once a month...Keith looked at my wife and wisecracked "gee, you're gonna have to get yourself a boyfriend!" Hahahahaha.

    The next day I called Keith about the wisecrack. At first he thought I was pissed because he started apologizing profusely. I told him to relax...that I wasn't pissed...and could he stop by for a few minutes while my wife was at work?

    Over a couple of beers, I told him that it had always been a fantasy of mine to watch my wife getting fucked by another man (or by a group of men). However, I knew that was never going to happen. As the next best thing, I gave Keith a packet of nude photos of my wife in exchange for the following deal:

    1) Nobody else (least of all my wife) was ever to know that he had these photos.
    2) He was never to post them on the internet.
    3) He would have to agree to call me periodically on my cell phone when I was away at my new job (preferably in the evening or early morning hours when I was in the privacy of my temporary housing) and help me get off by role playing that he and my wife were having an affair behind my back while I was gone.

    Needless to say, Keith was more than happy to oblige. And honestly, I can't remember when I've ever cum so hard in my entire fucking life than when I was talking to him on the phone. His attention to detail was incredible.

    Almost made me wonder...

  • Why is it we men fantasize about our wife’s either being seen by or having some sort of sex with other men? Since my wife never went along with me wanting her to be seen by other men, I began thinking about being the other man. Once I did have a guy who wanted his wife to show off in front of me and probably would have loved it if I had sex with her. Now that I look back on it, he never did show me any pics of her, but would have her come by the store that I worked at in a long coat with very little on under it. So I got to see her. I guess she had to go home and tell him that I saw her. I realized she really did not enjoy it, so I stopped it before more exciting things might have occurred. It’s one thing to have your wife show off herself to other men, but not if she is not a willing loving wife!! Ps. She did look HOT!!!

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