Swapping wife pics

For the past year i have been sharing pics of my wife with her best friend's husband. He has been showing me pics of his wife as well. Only problem is his wife refuses to take any significant shots while my wife loves to take extremely explicit pics and video. My wife's friend's husband clearly got the better deal. Now when they come over to hang out or eat dinner with us he can't stop staring at her ass and tits. I love looking at his wife and picturing her ass or pussy too. We've been trying to convince the wives to do a foursome, threesome or swap but they refuse. We set up a gmail account just for the pics so we can access them whenever we need some material. I've let my wife know her friend's husband is obsessed with her and is dying to fuck her. She loves knowing it and dresses very sexy for him but insists she won't ever let him fuck her. I'm trying to get her to wear a short skirt with no panties and to give him a show. She is hesitant and thus far not done it. I love knowing other guys are turned on by my wife and dying to fuck her.



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  • I like sharing nudes of my virgin fiancĂ©e to a few of my friends.

  • I have a friend that share wife pics as well, it is hot. We both are working on getting our wives to swap and I am sure we will get it done. My wife is already up for it now it is just his wife to get on board.

  • Yeh, I laugh. do you think marrying into uk royalty that being a princess is all about looking great and real love? cuz most of them are used around like whores for diplomatic issues and like carbon trading deals. if you really think they don't have to be laid to get some pay then think again.

  • My husband started showing the owner of the business where he works sexy but not too rude photo's of me he became infatuated, he is single and now pays $250 a time for sex with me or $650 plus keep a day if I go away with him my husband gets plenty of salary increases and bonuses I get a company car plus a credit card to purchase ultra sexy clothes, he is very easy to please loves blow jobs and mounting doggie for anal sex, loves having me wear a butt plug and chastity belt when we are together, he really likes me looking like a real prostitute when we are out together.

  • Baby your in clover isn't it great your husband showed the pictures of you

  • Stop sharing pics and video's until she start's opening up "opening up" what a play on words eh ?

  • Start slow. Maybe suggest partial nudity in front of each other, or to kiss each other's partners first. It sounds like if you can get your friend's wife on board, your wife might follow.

  • I sunbathe naked in our backyard when the gardener, pool maintenance and meter readers turn up pretending to be asleep lying on my back legs slightly spread showing my freshly shaved pussy with bright pink lipstick on my labia's with my towel just out of reach so I have to get up and bend over to get it, I love teasing them.

  • Lipstick on your labia? You go, girl.

  • It doesn't sound like the girls are into swapping partners (it's a bit personal, y'know?), but maybe your friend's wife can be more forthcoming with the pics. If you take it slowly, you might be surprised at what could happen.

  • So whats the gmail address...share with us

  • Naughtyposts82@gmail.com email me and i'll share some of the more discreet photos

  • So far only one person emailed me. anyone else want to see pics email me at above address.

  • Finally got my email to go through to you

  • My husband show's his friends pic's and videos of me. Some are actually of us having sex. He doesn't know that I know it turns me on so much when they around knowing everything that they have seen.

  • My husband also shows a couple of his friends video's of me naked and us having sex and they share theirs with him in turn I get to see them, one of the wives is extremely sexy I would really love to start a relationship with her and have pestered my husband to try and find out if she would like me, it seems she is open to the thought so my husband and her husband are going on a long fishing weekend in two weeks and she is going to stay with me, both she and I have had previous lesbian experience albeit some years ago in high school the only condition is that we video all that we do.
    This is going to be so great.

  • Yah I bet he shows his wife and there both getting a good look at you both

  • You'll never get what you want. Cut the shit. Your buddy is taking advantage of you.

  • Show her http://www.truthordarepics.com/blog/

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