Exposed wife

Trying to find a good way to let my friends see my wife naked without her knowing or accidently. I know its kind of pervy but it would be so hot knowing they have seen what is under her clothes. She is has great large tits and my friends have made comments on them. I actually sent one of them a pic (no face) because he always said he wanted to see them. It was such a turn on.

I try to have her go braless if they are over but she gets shy. There was one time that our friends (another couple) stayed the night and my wife came down in her pjs. Her nipples were poking straight out. I could see our friends husband trying to catch a glimpse with out getting caught. I just image him jerking off thinking about her big tits and hard nipples. Maybe I should bring it up next time I see him. Maybe I can show him a pic of her breasts. I dont know. It just turns me on thinking others are looking at my wife.

Any ideas to show her off??

3 months ago

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    • When we were dating, I would take my wife to the local nude beach. At first it was just the two of us and then as she got used to being nude I would bring my best childhood friend with us. I liked that my friend was seeing my girlfriend nude. Then I mentioned to other guys that I worked with that we were going to be at the nude beach and they would all come by and sit and talk with us. Most days there were four or five guys who would get to look at my nude girlfriend from a few feet away. My girlfriend and I would go back home and fuck the whole night after a day at the nude beach. I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to have sex with any of the guys and she said that she didn't.
      After we got married we continued going to the nude beach. When my wife got pregnant she was very horny and one day she asked two of the guys if they wanted to come back to our house and fuck her. Of course they did and all three of us fucked her that night. Later I asked her what changed her mine and she told me that now that she was pregnant she wasn't concerned about possibly getting pregnant from some other guy. So all three times that she was pregnant she had sex with a bunch of other guys.

    • I would love to see your wife. Please email me

    • You're probably the same person who wants to know if she is really interested in fucking another guy. I don't blame you though, I have a hot wife too, big tits and nice little round ass. I would love to watch her fuck another guy, but she won't do it. I love when other guys check her out though, especially when I can convince her to wear a dress with no bra, or a low cut shirt that shows of her cleavage. Makes me horny to see other guys checking her out.

      We did have a guy hit on her one time while on vacation, he evidently didn't realize she was married and asked her to come back to his room. She laughed and told him she was married, so he left her alone. When I got back to the table, she told me about it and pointed him out to me. I told her she should invite him back to our room and fuck him while I watched, but she refused.

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