Saw wife

I was looking at porn pics today and came across my wife with a young man.
She looked so happy. What a turn on for me. It was a series of pics ... the last one showing her naked and getting her face jizzed on. So I went into her room (she has her own room because she told me "No more sex with you, sissy!)
put on a pair of her panties, came back and played with my penis.
When she returned home she showed me more pics of her with penises in her mouth. She likes to call me sissy and lets me wear her old undies when I look at websites with pretty girls and boys.

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  • Saw wife in half. Or, your whore roommate, or whatever she is. Then, you can wear ALL of her panties, ALL the time !

  • Unexpectedly last night she came home with a young man who was very shy. There I was with her bra and panties on and she introduced me as her fairy husband. She lead him to the couch and they started kissing. I watched as they fondled each other. It was an amazing turn on as she pulled his pants down. But she was the one surprised when we saw that he was wearing pink panties. He had a nice big penis, but she couldn't get it hard. She stormed out of the room and I invited him to watch porn with me. So we did and that's when he got hard. Neither he nor I are gay, but I now have a good friend, and a frustrated wife who will be out again tonight hopefully finding a guy who can satisfy her.

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