Used wife

Let me start by saying my wife wanted to divorce me thats when I got all the nude pics of her and started my blackmail. I started off making her take my cock in every hole and tell me she loved it. all the time taking more pics. then i would make her masterbate and tell me what a cock/whore she is while i came on her face. then one night i got a realy sick idea and got my friends dog. she almost refused to do it but she gave in. i loved that and made her repete it a few times. even made her ask for it and filmed it.
then i started having friends over to fuck my wife and even a gang fuck. then strangers on the street i told her to ask them the time from our car then when they came close they could see she was nude. she then had to tell them she was a cock/whore and needed cock. this all started 5 years ago and she is still my fuck pig. I should have done this years ago. any idea on what i can use her for now?

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  • Contact friends of the family. There's always a friend of her parents that would love to fuck her

  • I got bbc for her.

  • Make her fuck black men, the lowest thing a woman can do.

  • Start jacking off on all her meals, in front of her. Make her eat it like a dog, no hands, on the floor. If friends are over, have them jizz in her food too. Fuck her while she eats.
    Make her sit on the toilet before you go, so you shit on her lap, or piss in her face. Friends over to watch the game? Why get up to piss when the pig can just come over and drink it from your cocks!

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