Do other men remember what their high school girlfriend felt like

I had a high school boyfriend named David. He was super hot and I was too and I still have my high school body, but even better since I work out every single day without fail. David was the first guy I ever made love with. He stayed at my house for 2 weeks and we became boyfriend and girlfriend and made love in my house, his car, in our friends house, all over town. Well years go by we both get married and divorced. He and I talk on the phone all the time. He tells me he still remembers fucking me from behind, the way my skin felt when he was deep inside my pussy, my hair, my pretty face, my boobs, etc. He says he remembers all of it the way I moaned, moved my pussy all over this cock, and my lips kissing his. After David and I broke up he dated the girl who went on to become Playmate of the year. She was my competition at the high school, but he said she looks like hell today, while I was a better fuck, and I still look beautiful. It is so sweet to me he thinks of me, but I'm in love with a man who is so kind, tells me how beautiful I am and that I am everything to him. My boyfriend was a world famous body builder, and is a multimilionaire. He takes such good care of me and says I melt his heart. So, it isn't going to happen with David because I won't screw this relationship up because I am really in love with my boyfriend and I would never hurt him by cheating. Some things just have to stay in the past, but it's fun to reminisce with David about our old fun times.

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    • My girlfriend from highschool and I meet up every few months for a wild night of sex. We started scheduling our sex nights back in highschool and we kept doing it when we were in college. After college we ended up in different states, up always kept out sex night schedule dates. We're married to other people and have families now, but we still meet up once every three months to have sex. We made a promise long ago that we would continue this our entire lives.

    • My highschool girlfriend was a virgin when I met her. After 2 months I was banging her sweet pussy. We are married now for 22 years. She has become a great little slut that teases other men at bars and clubs, most nights she brings them home and we have fun. I love watching my wife getting pounded by another mans cock and she loves me watching.

    • Whore!

    • Jelly

    • I dated a girl my sophomore year who I was really into. I wanted to have sex with her, but the timing was never right. Three months after we started dating, her parents moved and I didn't see or talk to her again. Until 12 years later when I ran into her at a company holiday party. She had just started working for the same company I did, so we chatted all night. After the party, I went back to her apartment and we finally had sex. We married each other 2 years later and been married now for 23 years.

    • I remember what my football coach felt like. His big balls slapping my ass as he plowed that Italian sausage deep in me. Feeling his hard erect nipples on my back and his chest hair rubbing on me. Mmmm good

    • Leave your father out of this

    • Coach not fsther

    • He was the same guy

    • I think high school reunions get a hall pass. I went to wife's 10 year reunion and felt like a 5th wheel. She was all over her HS BF. Sent her to 15th and 20th alone. I'm almost sure they hook up. I'd was spitting mad when if she fucked someone from work. Almost dumped her. About 6 months after her 20th she gets a new phone. She gets an F in Tech. I'm switching it over and go though her photos to see what she takes picture of. Well there's 6 sexy ones of her, 2 nude and they're not selfies. The location stamp is her her home town 700 miles away, on the date of her reunion. ehhh. I don't say anything. I probable overacted a little to her work fling. She was in therapy a year. Maybe I had her in the dog house too long. She's hot, men hit on her all the time. Let her get her side fuck fix every 5 years far from home.

    • I married my old girlfriend who is now an old hag. My old girlfriend’s daughter has the body my old girlfriend had in 1990—so I fuck her! Problem solved!

    • You a kang

    • I’m gonna fuck the granddaughter too

    • My highschool girlfriend is my wife now, so I still feel her.

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