Wife's naughty change

As a married couple of 12+ years We've enjoyed our sexual personal and social relationship as husband and wife, and it has allowed us to grow in our professions and be able to trust one another. The wife has auburn reddish hair 5'4" 124lb can dress up in a cocktail dress business suit, or cutoff jeans and a tank top. Will sip on wine or chug a beer. She started work as a Police dispatcher, was offered an assignment working with the force working as a decoy awhile back. Hanging out at a local bar where there was a lot of drug activity, where the jurisdiction suspected the Owners involvement. She had a gig working at a nearby 7Eleven part time and a 1bd apt close by the Bar. It included a lot of surveillance with her being portrayed as a single chick living alone and having few friends. I'd see my wife every free time she had which was about 5-10 days. She had this detail for about 2 months. She dyed her hair blonde, wore low cut tops and bra's that pushed her tits up with skin tight jeans or short shorts, or mini skirt that barely covered her ass. She has sexy small feet and always had her nails done. She sometimes wore makeup, lip gloss etc, sometimes none. She'd get a lot of attention from local men, construction, utility workers, married guys, regulars or people just passing thru. See never got involved with any prime suspects but did pass on info of others with possible involvement. One time I got to see her when she was going out wearing a one piece yellow short dress button down that barley covered her butt. She was wearing white high heels and nude stockings sheer to waist. She looked so hot, and she was totally enjoying the roll. She said it was very exciting playing the role of a hot chick with everyone wanting to be her friend and having a number of men and woman who were trying to fuck her, and allowing herself to approachable to guys rubbing her legs or ass or just wanting her to be next to them sitting at the bar or playing a game of pool or dancing with them. Sometimes she got buzzed and had to take a cab home, and she said a few times a couple of men tried to forced her in a car but a couple of undercover guys intervened to help prevent anything. She called me and said, the Sheriff in the next County over had met Her, and asked her if She would join him at a Resort for a weekend. I said, What?! Has He fucked You babe? She said, no...but He wants to. I said, what do you want to do? She said, I don't know, I think I'll just say no. So now I'm thinking, her attitude is changing, I think she's open to having a sexual affair, and wants my permission or approval. I told her, just because we're married, I don't own you. You're in charge, you control who you allow into your surroundings. I said, I'm sure you've meet men in your profession who hit on you and desire you, just as much as the men you sit next too wearing little to nothing that stare at your legs tits and ass, its actually all the same. Men love to see a woman attributes, if she has brains intelligence, and knows how to handle herself that's even more of an attraction. I don't know what happened between her and the Sheriff, didn't ask her. I know she left the Department about 10 months later, but her attitude has changed. She's now a lot more seductive. She wears revealing clothes that emphasizes her natural attributes, her perky natural breasts with hard swollen nipples when aroused, tan legs with no undergarments, a total exhibitionist who loves the attention men seek. When of my friend met Her when we were out, and hadn't seen her in about 6 months, and said she was so hot he almost didn't recognize her because He said, laughing, I was looking at your legs! And kissed her and she got super horny. We had a few drinks and invited our friend to our house where I have a Man Cave in our basement. After a few drinks a game of darts, The Wife said she was going to fetch another round and freshen her makeup, my friend said he'd help her, so as my wife walked up the stairs, He peeked up her skirt and said, Oh my so lovely, she stopped and arched her butt, and he brushed his nose up against her ass and said, it smells lovely! We all laughed, and they went upstairs, I went to the bathroom and waited for them. After about 20 minutes, I went upstairs and found my wife getting fucked from behind, her blouse open and her swollen tits protruding and the sounds of her pussy getting fucked by our friends large cock! I said, so baby you like that fat cock in You...she said, I love fat cock baby, fuck me! So, we both fucked my wife for a few hours, and she loved every bit of it, and wanted more. Later she asked me if I still love her, I said of course I do. Her change in her sexuality for us has been great. I love and enjoy her seductive clothing and her naughty behavior. Maybe some don't understand, maybe some do, for us we're still together nothing hardcore just casual fun.

3 months ago

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    • DRTL. Suck it bitches.

    • I let some brothers hump my wife on some old boxes behind the Piggly Wiggly in exchange for some rock, but then it turned out what they gave me was just macadamia nuts

    • If I had a nickel for every time I said the exact same thing

    • I completely understand. When I started sharing my wife she enjoyed the attention from men so much.

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