I had sex with my mom when I was younger and she was drinking alot and she has no idea that her son had sex with her because she thought it was her boyfriend but it was me and she never said anything about it the next day when I saw her in the kitchen. She has no idea that the cum inside of her pussy is not from her boyfriend but me

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  • It would have been super weird, but i don't think I could have turned it down.

  • I have no idea why but my Mom started coming into my room at night when I was around 12 or so and sucking on me. I would always have an orgasm and she always swallowed all of it. Some weeks it would be every night and some weeks nothing. I never knew when she was going to do it and almost always I was asleep when she started doing it. She did this until I was around 19 and moved out to go to college. I asked her a few times when I was like 16 why she was doing this and all she ever asked me was do you want me to stop doing it? I never asked her again and enjoyed every single one, I also tried to fondle her breasts one time because she was a little more sideways on the bed but she batted my hands away and shifted around so I could not reach them. One time we were watching tv and I was sitting on the couch, she walked over and told me to pull down my pants as she was kneeling down. She gave me a blow job just like usual then got up and went to bed, that was the only time she did it outside of me being in bed. She died when I was 22 and I never understood why she would suck me off so much.

  • My mum often drank a lot. When she was randy, she used to ask me to fuck her. The first time I got my cock up her, I was 12. After that, I used to fuck her whenever she passed out. There were times when I actally raped her. Her struggling turned me on more, and I fucked her harder than I've fucked any other woman.

  • I've raped my mum many times when she's been drunk. She often tries to fight me off, but I'm too strong for her. She doesn't report me because I have have a video of her sucking off a 12-year-old boy and later having him fuck her.

  • Our mom drank a lot and did drugs. When she was fucked up my bro and his friends would do this

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