Wife's Ex-Colleagues are back!

So I met my fiancée 10 years ago, and we're still together. During her studies she met a lot of young men (she was a mature student) at School and during her Internships as a engineer trainee.

She use to tell me about some of the men trying to flirt with her and I didn't think much about it until last week. We were shopping at a Wal-Mart and a tall man, handsome, fit and wearing very tight shorts (that left little to the imagination), came to talk to us. I knew something was fishy because she was extremely nervous and couldn't stop staring at his oversized bulge (not exaggerating). He said, "Wow, haven't seen you a long time. How you've been? Damn, I still remember our long hours at the office." It's not what he said, it's how he said it, like he was implying something more. My fiancée laughed it off and then it hit me, she did spend a lot on overtime but she failed to tell me it was with this man. So, I still wonder to this day, did she and the guy hook up? I have a feeling they did and after meeting the guy, the idea turns me on. I know it's sad, but I like to jack off thinking about my petite wife on all fours banged by this guy.

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  • Oh, I hate those types of encounters. Any time my wife and I go out, it seems like we run into someone from her past, from before we were together. She'll often admit to me whether they were a former bf or not. So I have all of these images in my head of her getting fucked by other people. At least you enjoy it, so more power to you. For me, it just pisses me off.

  • Why is it sad? You get off on it. He gets off on it, and she CERTAINLY gets off on it ... couldn't stop staring. Start being honest about your feelings. Talk with her about this.

  • Hopefully you aren't reading into to it or jumping to conclusions. That is where you can get into trouble. However, if you've read the situation correctly (sounds like you have) and in the past have usually found your hunches to be correct then she surely did the deed and then some. What has she said about her past? How has she come across when you've talked about it. Maybe some focused pillow talk with her is all you need. Try it and see where it goes.

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