In Need of a Smoking Lady’s Help

I am seeking feminine support & encouragement to restart as an adult straight guy my childhood crossdressing experiences. As a child, my elegant Aunty encouraged me to begin having puffs of her cigarette & by the time I was just 8, I was a fully addicted smoking child. Inhaling smoke into my little lungs was the most sensual feeling I had ever known and an important part of my development as a young smoker was the strong sense of femininity I felt when I smoked. Aunty picked up on this and soon she was setting my hair in rollers and I just loved sitting under her hairdryer smoking. Quite often Aunty would dress me up all girly and we’d go out and I’d smoke in public with her as a girl.

As an adult, I have suppressed this experiences but they have never left me and now I’d like to return to my famine exploits. This time, I want to go the whole 9 yards and be femmed up from top to toe, including breasts. Oh yes and I want to be a smoking lady with long hair and have it set by an elegant smoking hairdresser.

I need a lady to help me masterfully reimage myself as a feminine gal and show me the mannerisms of a woman, especially how to smoke like a lady.

I’m totally genuine so please only reply if you can help or share similar experiences.

Luv P

3 months ago

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