Shaving older sister's legs

I used to chat with my hot older sister while she took her shower, dried off, powdered the soft underside of her tits, and did her hair in the bathroom. She'd shave her fit, firm, dancer's legs with one leg on the toilet seat or tub ,and one night, I asked her to let me do it for her, let me shave her legs. She thought it was a joke at first, then I told her, I've watched you do it tons of times, how you lather them up so sexy, and how you use the disposable. Let me try.

She did, and I shaved her perfect legs so well and close, had them so soft and sexy, that she told me anytime I wanted to do it for her, it was a go. I did it when we lived in the same house, then, her apartment. Would stop by for dinner, her shower, then shaving her legs.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago at her house, and she said to give her a few minutes, she had to jump in the shower. It hit me, hey, I haven't done your legs in awhile, let me do them for you. She not only agreed, but told me "I hoped you'd ask", and I shaved her legs, slow and sensual, taking my time on each one, to her satisfaction. She later texted me saying we were "doing this", as in, me shaving her legs and more, again. She missed it, our time together, and she loved how I pampered her like this (I've also polished her long nails for her). We're back on!

4 months ago

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    • I fucked my older sister when I was in highschool. She was a little slutty, but when covid hit last year, we got stuck at home. She was teasing my dick, so I bent her over and fucked her from behind. She didn't think I woulddo it, but as soon as she dropped her panties, turned around, and bent over. I stepped up behind her and slid my dick in.

    • The teasing was because she knew you would fuck her. You are so fortunate. You will have that pussy for the rest of your life.

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