Smoking and Crossdressing

My mum encouraged me to start smoking when I was 7 in 1969. She also let me dress as a girl at the same age. When I was 10 I was dressing as a girl full time and had to be homeschooled. although the fact that I was a crossdresser was really hard as the world was very homophobic and I was homeschooled from the age of 10, which wasn't so bad because I could smoke as much as I wanted while I was dressed up as a girl which was and still is a big turn on for me. I was smoking more than my sisters at age ten because they were in the public school system and had to sneak around while they were at school, although as my dad taught at their school often they would be let off if they were caught smoking. In my study room at home, I always had a packet of menthol120 cigarettes a lighter, and an ashtray on hand so I could smoke and study at the same time and mom even gave me breaks so I could go to my room and wank as I was so horny all the time. Smoking as a preteen was one of the best experiences of my life and I am so grateful to my mom and dad for letting me and my 2 sisters start smoking from an early age.
I remember what it was like going out with my sisters and mom in 1972 when I became a full-time girl, well tranny, and smoking in public for the first time. Although there were more younger smokers in those days, it was still not that usual to see someone as young as 10 smoking with their parents. There were quite a few men and women who stared at us a 10-year-old boy dressed as a girl, an 11 and 13-year-old girls all smoking with our mom as we shopped, ate, and even in the doctor's surgery where we met a friend of my mothers who also had an 11-year-old girl who had recently started. She smoked VS menthol120s, the same as her mum. Her mum offered me one which I tried and loved and became my new brand of choice, although mom let us try just about every menthol brand, she preferred us all smoking all white 120s menthol, which she considered a proper feminine cigarette. My mom was a bit unusual as she did not start smoking until she was 25 after all her kids were born, but once she started, she got dad, and then all us kids hooked as she loved smoking so dearly she didn't want anyone to miss out on the pleasure.
Although I never had children of my own, as me and my partner are both gay crossdressers, I was able to encourage and help my 2 sister's children 2 boys and 4 girls, who were all started at the age of 6. They were planning to start them a year later but the oldest girl of my older sister started sneaking cigarettes just after her 6th birthday and once the oldest was smoking they decided that as the oldest had started at 6 the others would want to also. I was fortunate enough to be a regular babysitter for my sisters and got to see my nieces and nephews as they became more and more addicted to their menthol 120sEven the boys smoke menthol 120s, which I consider a more feminine cigarette. Well, there are no really macho men in my family anyway.
I have also been able to just quite recently been able to babysit my niece's daughter who at age 6 has just begun to smoke. Fortunately, my sisters both married understanding husbands and my older sister's husband was an anti when he first met her. He is now a 2 pack a day 120s menthol smoker and enthusiastically was able to light his 6-year-old daughter's first cigarette. He is now an enthusiastic smoker and supporter of youth smoking.
Some who may be reading this may think it a smoke fetishist fantasy or if not they may think it highly immoral for parents to start and encourage their children to become cigarette smokers. All I can say is that as I get nearer to 60 I and been trans since I was 10, not all people think alike. There are people who believe creation took 7 days, that the world is flat, that climate change and covid are hoaxes. I would rather see children who are smokers with beliefs based on logic and fact, than those adults who are foolish and ignorant and healthy. You may say that because they are smokers then that decision is not logically based on the health risk of smoking. Maybe maybe not. But I actually really love to smoke, maybe I only love my cigarettes because I am addicted, but I am enjoying my life as it is. A man who has lived most of his life as a woman, not being content with the norms of the society but trying to live as I was created by the universe to be. Free. Live and let live.


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  • You are a sick fuck. If you think we believe that fake crap then you are a mentally retarded sick fuck. Children get arrested for having and smoking dip shit.
    CPS will remove children from a home if their parents allowed a 6 year old to smoke.
    Don't tell us they can hide it because you can smell a smoker 25 feet away!
    Fake and stupid story.

  • Ahhh yes the old "my personal experience is more important than the literal decades of data researchers and medical experts have collected that shows the exact opposite of my belief."

    You're an addict getting children addicted to tobacco. It's immoral and irresponsible to even pretend that it's a good thing, especially considering how times have changed. You're just setting them up to be isolated for the rest of their lives. Smart move.

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  • More like live and let die from lung cancer.

  • Yeh right Totally fake!

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