I want her not him anymore

Every spring my husband and my best friends husband do golf tournaments two weekends a month. So us girls decided that those would be girls weekends. We both don’t have kids so we can do whatever. It started out shopping, fancy restaurants and concerts but slow shifted to us staying at my house. We bake, cook, have dance parties and watch movies that make us cry. But then we became more intimate, we’d become more touchy feely, cuddling. Then one night in bed she turned to me sad goodnight and kissed me. And kissed for hours our bodies pressed together, falling asleep in each other’s arms. We haven’t spoke of it sense but this weekend she’s coming to stay and I hope we do more.

2 months ago


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    • Express your feelings and ask for more. Some people have that feeling but their desires win at the end. I love the closeness of another woman body.

    • Go for it, you’ve gotten that far, nothing better than the soft touch of a woman, smooth, wet, sweet smelling, hair less,,, lucky you

    • Is this for real?

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