I cannot help but wear mom's panties and pantyhose.

As a teenager I wasn't getting much action. The guys all talked about getting into their girlfriends panties. In the 60's and 70's all the girls wore miniskirts high heels and nylons. They strutted around in those nylons heels and short outfits teasing and rarely delivered any real sex.

I wondered why they wore these silky nylons and skirts. High heels made their legs look longer and their butts stick up. I heard the guys talk about "the sweet smell of pussy" and I never yet had the experience.

I was 18 and my male hormones were in overdrive. I always had an erection and lots of time to spare. Masturbation can fun and the family had a vibrator. I never thought of it as a device to help stimulate myself but I had heard something about it from others.

Now, back to the story. I was highly curious about women's smooth silky undergarments, in particular panties and nylons. One Saturday I was alone in the house and went in to my mom's bedroom to look around. In the hamper were several pairs of panties and some pantyhose. The panties were a pretty hot pink color and apparently a bit moist. The pantyhose were "sheer energy" size Q. I felt the sheer smooth panties and the pantyhose on my face. The scent of vaginal secretions were intoxicating. I immediately got ERECT!

1 month ago

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    • When we said "I would love to get into her panties" That was just a saying that we wanted to fuck the girl, not wear her panties. God you must have been dropped on your head!

    • Think you need a hard cock up your Arse.

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