Fetish cross dressing

Once I found a wet pair of mom's panties, there was no going back. Mom teased me by tempting me with all sorts of sexy lingerie and even high heels. This included pornography too. Lurid stories of mother son incestuous affairs. Mothers that seduced their own sons by flaunting their luscious long legs in shimmering pantyhose and "Fuck Me" 6 inch high heels. All too often suggesting that "Mommy could use a nice massage" or "Rub mommies feet dear. Knowing that I have a fetish for her nylons and lingerie. Leaving her wet panties in my room fresh with her sweet secretions. Her signals were quite clear, she was going to have me no matter how long it took. I tried to resist. My penis was erect all the time. My mind was always thinking about her sweet vagina, how delicious it probably was. I imagined I was her,wearing her nylons and pretending to be her. I would call for my mom. I would leave the door partly open as I rubbed my erect penis through the nylons and panties. Finally she came to the door and said: " Are you willing to admit to me that you are needing your mother to take care of your needs now."? I nodded and she slowly clicked over to my bed. "Let me see you masturbate" I took a pair of mom's silk panties and wrapped them around my erection-a erection already wet with pre -cum. I was ready to ejaculate when mom slapped my cock rendering it flaccid . "I didn't say you could cum yet" "Here,let mommy use her mouth on it, I'm sorry I slapped you but I want that cum". Mom had a coy smile on her face like she already knew she had succeeded. Her tongue snaked out and little by little coaxed my penis back to full erection. Now she used her full on feminine charms to get me to allow her to put my penis where exactly she wanted it. After my penis was fully erect, she got on top of me wearing sheer pantyhose and rubbed her vagina against my nylon covered cock. " Is this what you like-mommy's nylons against your "lil stiffy?" She told me I would be now wearing pantyhose all the time and loving it as she hissed at me and squealed.

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  • You naughty boy, you just love silky panties don't you!!!!

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