I admit to wearing my mom's nylons

Ever since I was a teenager I wore pantyhose (nylons) . First my mom's and sister's , then my girlfriend's pantyhose. I worked my way up to panties, bras, slips, lingerie, then added cosmetics.

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  • That's very similar to my story...I started wearing her panties and control briefs. Then I got into dressing up in her pantyhose, panty girdle, half slip, her 34C bra and camisole. Then around 7th grade, I'd ask some of the boys & girls in the neighborhood during the summer if they wanted to watch me dress up in all of Mom's underwear. They loved it and I got a chanceto suck their penises, and vaginas. I still wear ladies lingerie today...50 years later.

  • I love dressing in ladies clothes ae well as they make me feel so feminine.

  • I love wearing pantyhose

  • Try wearing Sheertex pantyhose. They are made with some sort of carbon fiber that makes them basically run free. Those are the pantyhose that I wear now.

  • I’m a man and would wear my girlfriend pantyhose. I just asked her one day if I could wear her pantyhose and she said let me see what I could find u. Sometimes home alone I go buy my own. I would love to cut the back open so my ass would stick out. I also like panties. I’m to big to wear heels but I could have imagined they must have them. I would love to buy a tight short skirt but I would feel funny shopping for my them. I also like to take pics of myself when I’m dressed up or naked

  • Ooooooh! the sensual feeling of the nylon, satin or silk slipping over my penis and legs is so arousing. Lots of flouncy lace and floaty intimates, especially wearing stockings, I feel so girly. I love my boyfriends to suck my penis while I'm dressed, kissing and fondling my body before turning me around and fucking me. I would make an older man a lovely young wife.

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