I couldn't wear mom's nylons so I.....

Mom's Nylons wouldn't fit properly being so tall and all. This was before the internet. I was forced to buy my own personal pantyhose..

Somewhat embarrassed, I would buy groceries and add "SHEER ENERGY" PANTYHOSE along with the groceries. The girl didn't say anything but one time one young girl gave me a look of, "You wear pantyhose?"

Other girls that were interested in me would say things like "Do you use a vibrator or something"?

I of course, like many did use a vibrator. They are great fun and handy for a "quicky".

Now, my pantyhose of choice at that time was SHEER ENERGY PANTYHOSE. I liked the support and size Q+ fit well.

Soon after meeting a young woman whom I moved in with, I began wearing my pantyhose in front of her. Actually, I was wearing them on the sofa for over a hour before she noticed I was wearing my pantyhose!

I asked her if she wanted me to take off my nylons and she said no. We proceeded to get romantic. I instructed her how to caress me through the smooth soft materials. She was also wearing pantyhose too. The feeling of our legs together in the silky nylons was highly erotic. Later, I would remove the gusset in the pantyhose to allow penetration

She readily accepted my little kinky fetish and actually could easily get me erect in seconds by rubbing me whilst in my pantyhose. She inevitably would get wet and her panties and pantyhose dripped with vaginal secretions.

I soon thereafter shaved my legs to complete the silky hair free look I wanted. It took awhile because my legs were very hairy. I was pleased with the outcome. The smooth hairless feeling of my pantyhose was incredibly nice. The hair didn't grow back after using dipilitory. My girlfriend was surprised I shaved my legs probably thinking some might not approve. I didn't really care though because I was with her and not gay or anything. Anything now meant cross dresser. She did my makeup and supported me accepting it because we were engaged. Luckily, we actually shared the same dress and shoe sizes. She borrowed my pantyhose and high heels.

15 days ago

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    • I masturbated in front of my mom in nylons

      Having a strong desire to wear pantyhose, SHEER ENERGY PANTYHOSE. I often wore them as did my girlfriend when we lived in my parents house. We made love exclusively when we both wore our nylons. Luckily, we wore about the same size in nylons, high heels, dresses and most all attire. It started out with just pantyhose but quickly expanded to high heels, panties, cosmetics and other lingerie. She accepted it well saying it was fun. Making love in our pantyhose, my parents could easily hear us just being only 15 feet away. But being young and horny, it didn't matter. I didn't really care anyway. My mom would find used pantyhose around but didn't really say anything. We went through hundreds of pairs of pantyhose per year. Occasionally, I would walk around in my nylons downstairs after my parents went to bed. I really didn't care if I got caught in my pantyhose by my mom anyway. After all , we were making love in nylons just a few feet away from them. A few comments were made by my mom to me but I still didn't care. I frequently was horny and couldn't get enough sex. Consequently, when alone except my mom I would use a vibrator when wearing my pantyhose. Mom could easily hear the humming of the device. I unashamedly left my door ajar allowing unfettered observation of my little fetish in front of my mother. She would quietly peek through the crack in the door. I actually KNEW she was there but pretended not to notice. It was exciting to know my mom was watching and enjoyed my performance. My dad was eyeing my girlfriend and wanted to have a little fun too. I didn't mind if she gave a little relief to my dad either. She loved giving oral sex and was fond of him. We talked about it and she said it sounded hot. I was vicariously giving my mom a little show of my experience and she smiled.

    • You are lucky to have found such a supportive partner.

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