Overwhelming breastfeeding fetish

I’m 18 years old, and I’ve had really big boobs for pretty much my whole life. Since I was very, very young I always had prominent breasts and it was always humiliating growing up and having to deal with everyone making jokes about me “feeding” them.

But now I’m older and have only just recently realized I have a huge lactation fetish and really want to breastfeed my boyfriend. To be completely honest, I’d like to feed anyone who wants some. I’m not currently lactating, I never have been, I don’t particularly want to be - but I do have a very overwhelming fetish and constant thoughts of laying someone down in my lap and just letting them latch on and suck away all my milk until they fall asleep. I can never, ever stop thinking abt it. Does anyone feel the same?

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  • I love breast milk. When one of my wives was breastfeeding our kids, I'd always have the leftovers or, if she was engorged, I'd ease the pressure by drinking the excess milk. It's super fun laying at her side sucking the milk while fingerings her to orgasm. She gets intense orgasms with that. Both my wives love breast play.

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