I ignored it

We had a new hot tub and pool installed this summer. It's been great up until a few days ago. I covered the pool because it's fall but of course kept the hot tub going. We have had friends over in the evening's and it's always been fun. The other day my wife and her friend started early , drinking and having a good time. When the guys and I got there we all decided to hop in. Soon it was obvious that the girls were getting waisted , so my one friend took his wife home. Leaving me with my wife and two of my friends. I could tell that the guys were being sneaky and ( accidentally ) touching her tits. Once in awhile I noticed that their hands appear to be between her legs. I just sat there and watched as they became more and more bold. Then I heard our kid crying so I went in to check on her. Coming back to the back yard I stopped and froze in the window , my wife lay naked on the deck , her legs being held up by one of the them as the other stood in the hot tub fucking her. I watched as he shuddered obviously cumming in her. Then he feel back to the other side of the hot tub. The other guy let her legs go and pulled her away from the edge turned her on her stomach and mounted her. I was looking right at her face as his pace increased . I could see the look of lust in her eyes. Without even realizing what was happening I felt my dick start jumping and I began to cum in my shorts. When he was down. They helped her quickly get dressed and they all sat back in the hot tub. I rejoined them . 5 minutes later they said that they had to leave. Got up and dried off,got dressed and left.

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  • Holy crap, my two buddies did the same thing to my step daughter, she was drunk, 24yrs old. I kinda knew something was up, I saw some kinda of movements going on, I brought my wife inside, came back out and they were fucking her, one guy was saying I'm cumming, and she was blowing the other, after I kicked them both out, she was still in the tub, I told her to get out but she refused and said she wasn't done yet, and told me to get in and help her finish, she stood up butt naked and I helped her finish, while I finished

  • So you liked watching? And want to watch again? Next you will have to fuck her well used pussy as soon as you can after they have finished with it. Then,and it might be difficult to begin with,but you can build yourself up to eating that cream filled hole of hers out and cleaning every bit of all the guys seed out of your wife's pussy. Trust me it'll make your sex life go on to the next level.

  • Well it's Friday and would be easy to set up for tonight

  • Did you try to recreate the experience?

  • Yes on Saturday night. I felt almost embarrassed to be there in the hot tub with everyone. I excused myself and watched from the laundry room window.

  • So what happened? Did they both fuck her again? Does your wife know you know?

  • Yes they were all over her drunken ass in the hot tub. I felt uncomfortable so I went into the laundry room and watched them fuck her from the window. I'm telling you they Fucked her ass off. I don't think she knows that I am aware of what's happening.

  • Hey I have a different situation i was thinking we could talk about them both on email. arlundfletcher6@gmail.com if you want to chat about your wife cheating and or my issue.

  • I sent you an email

  • Invite them over again , try to set up the same cenario

  • I'm thinking about maybe trying this weekend.

  • Maybe try to get in on the action next time or at least fuck her cum soiled pussy.You might enjoy it.

  • I have thought about it but I don't know that it's going to happen again

  • Set it up to happen,exactly how it did previously.

  • It would be easy to do. Especially this weekend.

  • Damn. You will need to have more hot tub parties.

  • I'm 50/50 with the whole thing. I know it was exciting but I'm feeling a little bitter some times about it.

  • Have you talked to your wife about it? Does she even remember anything, how drunk was she?

  • I have not talked to her about it. She was drunk but later she was walking around and seamed to be semi normal. Except being ditsy from the booze.

  • And full of other men's cum. What about your friends, are they single?

  • No they're married

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