Peeping at sissy

When I was a teenager the doorknob broke on the bathroom door. It took Dad a long time to fix it so for awhile there was a big hole in the door. Everybody just stuck a wash rag in the hole. Everybody except my older sister. She was four years older than me and really built nice. I would wait until I could hear her in the tub and then creep down the hall and peek through the hole. I can still see her washing her big boobs. I would watch until she stood up and dried herself off. She would always turn around and put one foot on the edge of the tub and bendover and dry her leg off. It was a small bathroom and she was very close to the door. The view between her legs drove me nuts.

Jun 27
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    • When I was 14 I accidentally saw my sister changing in her room. It got me excited and I wanted to see more. For days I tried to get another peak, but never could because she was very private and kept her door locked. One day I decided I would set something up. I got a kitchen knife and pried the bathroom door stop molding open enough to see inside the bathroom. The tub was in the far side of the room. Several days passed and one evening she went to the bathroom to take a bath. I waited until I heard the water turn off and knew she was about to get in the tub. I snuck down the hallway and peaked. Her back was to me as she stepped into the tub. She laid in the tub, but I couldn’t see much with the limited view. I watched for about 20 minutes and she finally stood up to get out. I’ll never forget her perky tits, sweet pussy and totally naked body. A few days later my dad noticed the molding pulled away and he tapped it back in place, plus put calking on it. I will never forget seeing my first naked woman (not from a magazine) Thanks Sis

    • Later that same summer I made up my mind toget a good look at her. I waited until she was in the bathroom and I stripped naked, put a towel around my neck and walked into the bathroom. She hadn’t got in the tub yet. Sh was clipping her toenails. She had a foot on the edge of the tub I just froze. She calmly finished her toe and stood up and looked at my hard cockamamie asked if I got a good look.

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