Wife is naughty

So we finished putting up a privacy fence and a deck and a hot tub. We had our annual memorial day cookout. Wife was naked in the hot tub when our company got there. She invited a friend of mine into the hot tub. He said, "Oh I would but I didn't bring a bathing suit." She stood up and said, "Well, being clothed is optional."

So I look out the back window to see mark strip naked and get in the hot tub. Then I watch as my wife bends over the edge of the hot tub and mark start fucking her. I walked out with food to grill and said, "You couldn't wait? Already at it?"

So he's still fucking her. Can't blame him. My wife's pussy is friggin amazing. She said, "What? He's hot! Did you see his dick? How am I gonna see a man naked with a big dick and not want to fuck him? Don't worry. We will be done in about 10 minutes."

3 months ago

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    • We live in the country. No one around. My wife sunbathing naked all the time. When her boyfriend comes over they fuck by the pool. She's always having pool party's with guys she knows and she's always naked

    • Same with my wife. She's lost a lot of weight recently and gotten in very good shape. As such, she doesn't wear much anymore. She loves being hit on and if it's the summer and at one of our many pool party's, she is guaranteed to have sex with someone

    • My fat buddy and his hot wife Brianna were over swimming. Buddy is on the patio drinking beer and eating grilled hot dogs like they're jellybeans. Brianna is floating spread eagle over a Mack Truck inner tube. Sunning herself she has her top off. She looks hotter standing but on the tube her tits are sorta pointed down. Maybe too much info here. Anyway I pop up inside the tube and her bottom is off too. Holy fuck, she is disobeying the no nude swimming till dark rule. My wife will be pissed if the neighbors see her. But she has that big tube covering her. I see her top and bottom on the deep end floor. Anyway i start kissing her thighs in a playful way. No one sees me inside the tube. She spreads her legs some more revealing her fun hole and racing stripe that seems to point to her pussy. Looks like she has some pro trim her bush, it's so nice. I give it a lick just above. She spreads her legs wider, pushes my head down a little "MAN UP." I make her cum 5x.

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