Wife’s Boss

Wife and I are an attractive mid 40s couple. We’ve been married close to 20 years. I am, and always have been a closeted bisexual. Any attempt to breach the topic over the years has been shut down by her. That’s one area she just can’t go. So I live in the closet. A couple years ago she got to feeling guilty about hiding something from her past and confessed it to me. When we met and started dating she had been sleeping with her older, married boss. He’s a total alpha silver fox. Which is exactly my type. Also from what she told me (trying to reassure me I think) he isn’t as big down below as me. But that only added to my infatuation. She asked me if I was jealous after confessing. I said “no” of course. But I really was. But not like she thinks.

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  • Your wife seems manipulative to ask if you’re jealous rather than simply expressing remorse for cheating on you years ago. Divorce her, live your bisexual dreams and find a man like her boss.

  • You think so? I had never considered that

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