One of my co-workers had no idea her cam was on

I was on a team meeting about a month ago one of my co-workers joined wearing pretty sloppy clothes but in this work from home environment I guess people just get comfortable. Anyways like fifteen minutes into the meeting I see her arms moving around and looked over at her video then watched as she lifted her shirt off right over her head. She was completely topless for a few seconds then I watched as she pulled the t-shirt she was wearing under the one she pulled off out. She got it right side out then put the t-shirt back on but she gave everyone that noticed her a topless review for about ten to fifteen seconds.
The message board lit up from the other female coworkers telling her what had happened and she suddenly looks down at her screen then her video goes dark. I did not comment to her right away but later on in the day I received an email from her apologizing for what had happened and saying that if I was offended then again please accept my apology as I thought my video cam was off. I also have her phone number as we have done a few things outside of work as friends so I called her up and said I hoped everything was going to be okay and no one was really offended by what had happened. She told me she did not think anything major would come of it and our manager thought it would be a good thing for me to apologize to the group but he had no intention of taking any further actions. I assured her that I was not offended at all and in fact it made my year.
We hung up after a few minutes and then I got a video chat request from her on my phone, I answered it and got an eye full of tits. I laughed and asked her what the hell she was doing and she told me well you told me they made your year so here is some more of them. She then asked me what I would do with them if I could so I was totally honest with her and she said nothing right away then she finally asked if I wanted to come over later. I asked her what I could bring over for dinner and we have been dating ever since.

3 months ago

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    • Bullshit

    • So she did not see the bright light that tells you your camera is on?

    • Show me her tits

    • Did you fuck?

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