He eats me out everyday but don't expect bj. Why??

My boyfriend (18) eats me out everyday. I'm 17 btw. But don't expect blowjob often. he loves licking me down there, whenever he is free he will do it. Before living together he used to sneak in my room, we cuddle for hours and he go down there. he eats me out like it's his meal. Even I give him blowjob it's not like I'm bad at this, he actually enjoy it and have cummed on my face many times but he rather likes to cum on my boobs or vagina.
One day, when we both were free cuz it was weekend. He woke me up, eating me out, I had multiple orgasm, then after he was done he brought me my breakfast, I returned the favour and we had morning sex. In afternoon while we both were watching movie, I sat on sofa while he was on floor, he started caressing my thighs( he is a thigh guy btw) kissed and sucked on my thighs leaving hickeys and then again licked me down there this time my legs started shaking, I screamed to stop him, but he wasn't done, I had multiple orgasm and he didn't stopped till it got red, and then started rubbing his dick on my vagina and started fucking me. At night he did same, I woke up in middle of night, finding him again licking it, he do it every time I sleep, he just tells me to sleep and mind my own business. Whenever I'm doing my homework he will eat it, he prefers me being butt naked, so that he can eat it anytime he wants. I'm doing anything, once I was just walking on our apartment, he stopped me, got in his knees and licks it. He loves it so much I dunno why?

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