Difficult To Discuss

"It turned you on, didn't it?"

Marie stared into Lori's eyes. "You, you know?"

"Tell me what he did, what you did."

"I didn't do anything at first. I just watched as he made it grow. And it did grow, it grew to a very nice size, a desirable size if you know what I mean. There it was all red and stiff with his hand running up and down right in my face. And it's not as if I don't know about these things. I know how they work, but I had never seen a man do it right in front of me. I was, and I hate to say this, I was fascinated. It was new, and it was sexy, and I could feel myself get excited."

"Perfectly natural," Lori said. "And?"

"And then he said he could use some inspiration. Did I mind showing him my breast?"

Lori sucked in a breath.

"I don't know what came over me," Marie continued. "I guess I was just too distracted because I pulled open my robe and bared one breast. That seemed to drive him crazy. He stared at my breast, my raised nipple, and he worked himself faster and faster. He started whispering to himself, and while I couldn't quite hear, I could tell he was getting himself even more aroused. God, I feel so dirty telling you this."

"It's OK. I understand. What happened then?"

"He told me to start playing with my breast." Her voice caught. "He said it would make him do it better if I did my part. So, so, I did what he asked. Oh, I didn't have to. I wanted to. I was beginning to ache. You know that feeling. And I haven't ached in so long. I couldn't stop myself. I started rubbing my breast and pinching my nipple, and all the time, he was crazy on himself. I was staring at him doing it, and I was rubbing, and it seemed like I was in a fog of some kind. I couldn't think. I just wanted to see it do what it was going to do."

Lori wondered why her heart had begun to beat a bit faster. What about the story appealed to her? She didn't really have to answer that question. She knew.

"Finish it," Lori said.

"Well, it wasn't long after I started rubbing that it happened, just exactly what you would expect. He sort of shouted and pumped, and out it all came. Most of it fell on the carpet, but a bit hit my breast, and it clung there hot and sticky. He kept pumping until there wasn't any more, and then he looked at me, at that bit of semen on my breast. And I, I swear I didn't think about it, but I used my finger to wipe it up, and then, then I put it in my mouth."

She covered her face and looked away. Lori placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"It's OK," Lori said. "That was not your fault. It just happened."

3 months ago

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