I really messed up good.

I love my wife , I really do . The temptation just overwhelmed me . It started when my wife was hosting some friends over for lunch. She met this one gal at a fundraiser for breast cancer. This woman was ten years younger than my wife. Her body is near perfect . Blonde , blue eyes, large firm breast, gorgeous shapley legs and ass. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She caught me checking her out. My wife had a group over to swim and man this woman is so hot in a bikini. I talked with her for a while and we hit it off. I asked where she lived and she told me right where. She told me to drop in sometime. I gave her my cell number. I wasn't going to see her . But then a couple days later she called me and we did lunch. After lunch I was sitting in her car and we began kissing and touching each other. She told me to follower her back to her condo. I did and I ended up having sex with her three times. I'm lucky if I have sex three times a month with my wife. I have been over to her condo about half a dozen times. The sex is the best ever. Last time my wife invited her over she grabbed my ass and wanted to know when I would be free. I'm afraid if I keep doing this it's going to end very badly for me. I scared if I break it off she will tell my wife. Somethings she has said to me lead me to think she's really unstable. Like if she calls or texts me and I don't get back to her quickly he says what's the matter you tired of me , I don't know what I'd do without our rendezvous. I'm getting really worried. She wants me to plan a trip out of town for a weekend and tell my wife it's business. I shouldn't have begun this relationship. So many people will be hurt if it gets out. My father in law thinks I'm the greatest . Right now we have a father and son relationship . Better than my own father who was never there for me. How can I get rid of this woman without setting her off?

1 month ago


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    • It will die a normal death eventually. You didn't say if she was married or not. Just fuck her the same way every time. Do not get inventive. Make is so that the sex gets boring. She will get tired of you.

    • Say you had a close call with your wife and tell her you have to be more careful from now on, no more texts or emails, hide it through an anonymous messaging app. speak in code if you have to. Whatever you do, do NOT break it off with her. Firstly the sex is amazing and you would be shooting yourself in the foot. secondly she's crazy about you too, in a good way. If I were you I'd be shooting as many loads into her as possible trying to breed her as many times as possible.

    • Cut her off now won't end well with this crazy one. She not the friend with benefits you want. She going to turn on you or spill the beans

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