Helped a friend

My friend asked me a few years ago to help her out with something, she told me right away that I could not tell anyone about it. I laughed and told her this should be a good one then. Her husband had this fantasy about coming home from work and finding her tied up like there had been a break in and the guys did it to her. She was going to give him a real show with torn clothes and really be tied up good so she would not look like she did it herself.
I told her I would be glad to help so she set it all up and told me what time to come over, I told her not to cut it to close to his normal coming home time so we did not get caught. I showed up and she looked ready with some torn clothes and a few red spots on her breast, I asked her about them and she told me she pinched herself really hard. She had a good idea for the spot to be tied up and certainly had enough rope so when I was all done she was certainly not getting up from it. I looked down at her stretched out legs and exposed areas and had a wave of excitement come over me, one of her breast was exposed completely but just the nipple of the other one. Her shirt was pulled up over her face after putting some tape over her mouth and she really did look completely bound.
I reached down and ran my fingers over her breast that was exposed and she wiggled around a bit then I leaned down and sucked her nipple pretty hard. She was moaning a bit but not really protesting at all so I sucked on it harder over and over for a few minutes making it really red. I moved down to her thighs and sucked on the skin right below her pussy, her thighs tightened up as I left behind a nice purple mark about a minute later. I thought about what he would think if she was wet so I slid my tongue right up her thigh and to her clit licking it fast and sucking it into my mouth hard. Her body was moving all over from the stimulation but I kept it up for a few minutes remembering back to when we were college roommates. Her clit is really sensitive and licking it hard and fast makes her tingle like crazy.
She let out a long moan so I stopped and went back up to her nipple sucking it hard and deep into my mouth closing my teeth around her skin. I gave her other nipple a good pinch and pulled on it some then whispered into her ear that I thought she was good and ready for him now.
I went out the door and waited at the corner store for a few minutes waiting for his car to turn in then headed home about three hours later my phone rang. She told me that the plan worked perfectly and he was so turned on seeing me tied up then she told me and you had some fun as well, she told me her nipple was a little purple but it was awesome. She then asked what I was doing tomorrow because she really wanted to have some fun with me again.

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