Teasing other guys

I like to go to work and not wear panties and I try and get guys to flirt with me. There’s also this guy at work that is married that always flirts with me. I just want him to notice I’m not wearing panties sooo badly. I always fantasize about us making eye contact and we both would look at each other and just know that I desperately want him to bend me over.. I get sooo wet at work thinking about it...

3 months ago

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    • I worked in an office where I met my wife. We had chemistry together although she was much older than me. Whenever we talked she would always cross her legs and dangle her heel from her toes. I caught a few nice glimpses of her pretty toes and she just smiled. After a few weeks of flirting, I finally asked her out on a date and she accepted. I went to her house on our first date she wore some beautiful sandals were I could see her painted toes. She asked me what I thought of her new sandals. I told her that her feet were beautiful and the sandals were not to bad either. She just laughed. First thing she did when she got in my car was kick them off and put her feet on the dashboard. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. While at dinner she surprised me by putting her bare feet in my lap. I started rubbing her feet under the tablecloth and could tell she was loving every minute of attention. We had a few drinks while finishing our dinner. As we got in my car she kicked off her sandals and put her foot right in my face. She wiggled her toes a few times and said "go ahead..I know you want to lick them, most guys do". I licked and sucked her beautiful feet right there in the parking lot. We then went back to her house where we had the most amazing sex. We eventually got married and have been for the last 18 years.

    • That's how my wife attracted me.

    • Where do you work? Is this SR?

    • You should sit somewhere he can see you and then let him see up your skirt. He would be yours in seconds.

    • My wife thought a young shoe salesman was cute & told me she wonder how he’d react to an older women. I told her that if a man worked in a women’s shoe store he more than likely has a foot fetish. I do so she believed me, she has really pretty toes so she went I go the store when he was there alone with a skirt on without panties & sexy sandals that showed off her pretty painted red toes. When she sat down facing him her skirt rose up & gave him a direct line to her pussy. He was holding her foot (had both her sandals off) while her other foot was resting on his knee & she could see the lump growing in his pants. They made eye contact & she said “I see from your reaction (looking down at his bulge) your enjoying the view & of my feet”. He sheepishly said he did & was sorry if it offended her, she said not at all & was flattered that a young man found her attractive, well to make a long story short, he locked the door & they went into the back room where her feet & pussy got a workout not to mention the blow job he got when she noticed the size of his cock. She got new sandals for free......

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