Wife is aroused by breastfeeding

When my wife and I brought home our first baby we didn't quite know what we were in for. While in the hospital my wife wasn't able to breast feed our daughter because she wouldnt latch onto the nipple. But once we brought her home my wife kept trying and she figured out that for some reason the baby would only latch on when both mom and baby were naked. On top of that, my wife became very sexually aroused by the suckling that she begged me to fuck her afterward. I was a little reluctant but it turned out to be great sex.

This became a regular thing. My wife couldn't feed our daughter without becoming sexually stimulated. At first we would fuck like animals after she put the baby down but one day during a feeding she couldn't wait and told me to fuck her with the baby still latched onto her breast. I wasn't sure I could do what she wanted right then so she said to just eat her pussy. This became the norm. Every time my wife would breast feed at home she would spread her legs and I'd go down on her.

I felt guilty about it and I kind of still do. We have two daughters now (I think the second was conceived while the first was latched onto her mom's breast). Our first girl is 4 years old now and my wife still breast feeds her, still naked. My wife sits in my lap and rides my cock while the little ones drink up. It may be wrong but it's our family and we're insatiable.



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  • I think it’s natural. My husband would cum in me while I was breastfeeding. And he still nurses me, now that the kids are too old.

  • We can have some dirty hot fun and i can eat your pussy if you message me at my Snapchat account (hotboy14171)

  • My wife is the same. Her pussy gets dripping wet and She sometimes orgasms just from breast feeding. She breast fed all of our kids till they were teenagers, and she still occasionally feeds our youngest son who is now 23. She nurses me at least twice a day to keep her milk flowing. And yes, we fuck during and after our nursing sessions, and yes, our children have all had sex with their mom. It's just a natural thing for our family, I wouldn't try to force it on anyone else, but those haters who think we are bad can fuck off. We ain't a hurting no one.

  • Ughhh.. yea, soon as the kids start talking you and mom will end up in jail.

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