Cheating is a new thing

Jerry came back to the table and Susan and I went to the ladies room. No sooner were we in there that Susan said, “Mary you are in for the ride of your life tonight. He is hot.” Trying to looked shocked I say, “Susan, I’m a married woman.” Grinning she says, “So am I dear, but if your not going to take advantage of that hunk of man tell me, I will find a closet somewhere around here so I can ride that big thick hunk of meat.” That made me even hornier as we walked back to the table. I reached under the table and took Jerry’s hand squeezing it. I finished my drink and told him that I was ready to go home. Susan smiled at me and mouthed, “Good Luck,” as we said our goodbyes. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or my sexual excitement but my head was spinning. I leaned back and closed my eyes as Jerry drove us home. My damp suit clinging to my shaved mound made every bump or vibration an exciting event. I knew for sure I wanted him now, I needed the excitement of a new man. I was feeling like a woman again for the first time in years.

We arrived home and Jerry had to help me from the car. I put my arm around his shoulder. his arm around my waist as we went in from the garage. As we entered the kitchen I slumped against him, in doing so his hand slid up and cupped a breast. I looked into his eyes and pulled his lips to mine kissing him hard pushing my tongue into his mouth. “I need you Jerry.” I told him. “I want to show you how much.” I pressed my body against him and felt his throbbing manhood pressing into my tummy. His hands pushed the straps of my dress down to uncover my breasts. I almost came as his hands passed over my nipples that were so very hard. He laid me on the couch. I watched as he removed my top completely, freeing my breasts from the confinement. “Oh yes Jerry.” I moaned. He lifted my heavy breast to his lips sucking my hard aching nipple into his warm mouth. “Aaaah,” I closed my eyes and moaned as he sucked my breasts greedily, like he was trying to suck milk from them. He sucked on my left breast while he caressed and teased my right breast and nipple. As he sucked and nibbled, my body began shaking as my first orgasm surged from my head to my toes. When I opened my eyes he was naked, his throbbing cock bouncing each time his heart beat. I reached for him feeling the fierce heat of his throbbing manhood and knew he was ready. I opened my legs pulling my knees up and apart guiding him to my entrance. He pushed forward piercing me with his shaft. He was so thick, I felt like a virgin again being filled so full. I locked my legs around his bottom moaning, “Yes, yes, yes, love me, love me.” I kept saying it over and over as each inch slid into me, his course pubic hair rubbing my bare mound. I clung to him as we found the instinctive rhythm of love. We were both gasping with each stroke as he drove into me and I humped back up to meet his thrusts, each thrust bringing us higher and closer to explosion. Then with a deep groan and a mighty plunge into my very depths, we were in heaven together. His hot seed flooding into me, filling me until it overflowed mixing with my juice and running down the crack of my ass onto the couch and floor. We made love like newlyweds until Sunday. We were naked all weekend making love all over the house. In the bedrooms, in the living room, on the floor, in the kitchen with me bent over a chair. I did feel like a virgin bride because my pussy was sore, my labia red and swollen, my vagina wet and stretched from Jerry’s constant fucking. My nipples swollen red form his wet sucking.

My husband called from the airport when he arrived and I knew we had over an hour of time left. Jerry watched as I hung up the phone pulled me hard against him kissing me deeply. He took me one last time, bent over the arm of the couch in the living room. He pounded his thick manhood deep into my wet stretched pussy. When Harold arrived home he hugged and kissed me, I wondered if he could smell my sex and tell that our son’s huge cock had filled my pussy all weekend. Harold’s hand caressed my bottom and then slid up to cup my breast I winced as his hand squeezed my sore nipple. He whispered in my ear. “I missed you baby.” I knew that if we made love now, he would know I had been unfaithful. I was so scared. Luckily I was saved by the arrival of my monthly, so I had 5 days to recover before I made love to him. I don’t know if I did the right thing, the consequences could be terrible, but the pleasure is just so incredible it's worth the risk.

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    • I troll the incest posters because I love incest!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I love to fuck 4-year old kids!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I have micro balls!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I mutilated my mother and ate her!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      One day I'll reach puberty!
      Strangling toddlers is fun!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Who wants to fuck my loose ass?!
      I love to shoot elderly people!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
      I would kill my parents if I could!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Molesting my little sister was okay!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Stabbing chilfren makes my 2" cock hard!
      My asshole loves getting pumped!
      Incest is the only way I get sex.!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I fucked my dead grandma at the morgue!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Mom let me fucker nightly!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Incest makes me MAD & HARD!!
      Who wants to fuck my ass?   !
      Incest lovers should be hung cuz I like that!
      I am a mental eunuch!!
      You can all shit in my mouth!
      My anti-incest mission is fake!
      I'd love a hung incest writer to fuck me!
      I jack off to obituaries!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I'm a fake cake anti-incest warrior!
      I catheterize myself with
      Piano wire"

    • The Mighty anti incest warrior jumps into the post, good on you defender of decency

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