I want to cheat

My hubby of 6 years has no clue that my ex is trying to woo me to bed. I'm 95% sure it may happen soon ,
as my hubby is not very affectionate and we live more like friends who fuck once every 3 weeks or so , my ex is very good in bed, and even out of bed he desires me .

Sex with my ex is passionate and he worships every inch of my body. I only wish my hubby had even half of that passion for me.

Any other women feel the same sometimes like they want be desired?

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  • Fucking hot young married women is the best.

  • I'm surprised you've held out this long. It's not as if you've not done this many times in the past...

    Likely, you feel that doing this would disrespect your husband. From another perspective, by not doing it you're disrespecting your ex's far superior talents.

    Don't reward mediocrity. Make it absolutely clear to your ex that he is far superior, and that he sexes you as sex is SUPPOSED to be. Tell him that you expect him to raise the bar higher than ever before. Then take your ex now.

  • Thank You, I think I will.

  • Hubby's lousiness in the sack IS his permission for you to do this. By not doing what he's supposed to do, hubby profoundly disrespects you.

    Pleasure is your right. All the pleasure you are capable of receiving is yours by right. And hubby is wrong to leave you in a state of want. Put this right now.

    As his male organ drives you into a squeezing, throbbing, juicing, pumping climax, you'll know that all this is right. Remember that this is what sex is supposed to be.

    Pleasure doesn't need justification. Pleasure is its own reward. You know what to do. Now go and do as Nature intends. Then report back.

  • Why is your "ex" your "ex" anyway if things are soooo good.

  • He wanted a baby I didn't. Not all exes end on bad terms. I'm still friends with a couple men I once dated.

  • Your silly why if you like your ex is he your ex you obviously made a big mistake, accept the prick you should have your husbands, BITCH !!!!

  • *you're . Learn to spell.

  • Just for it then. no one will care. make a date with the wild and unleash your beast!

  • Oh yeah I can relate,was worse during pregnancy what with hormones on top of that.So we called time out before the baby arrived to work on things.6 months after the baby was born things were better but we were still apart,but he agreed to have the baby on a Friday night so I could go out let loose with friends.I'm not sorry to admit I got some good attention,I must say my huge milk filled breasts helped (haha).And then I got laid.It became a regular thing.It was fun getting a big cock in me for a while and just being enjoyed and wanted and pleasured.But I stopped as I eventually patched things up with my partner

  • My wife and I loved her milk filled breasts when she had them. She always talked about finding someone else to suck on them with me while I fucked her. They were so much fun...

  • I love pregnant girls lol

  • You need to get a divorce.

  • I agree

  • I third that

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