Having my lovers baby

I am 42 and my husband is 55. A few years ago he started encouraging me to cuckold him. He kept bringing up and I began to look more closely at attractive men and flirt a little. I was amazed how many responded and it got me quite aroused. Hubby loved me telling him and wanted me take it further. Recently I finally started having an occasional date with someone who is 12 years younger and recently divorced. Hubby was thrilled and we all met one night for a drink. They hit it off and Hubby assured him that he was pleased I had chosen such a nice young man. When I raised the possibility of a pregnancy, my husband said he was not opposed to it if it happened. The more I thought about it the more I wanted it, so I stopped birth control and limited my husband to blow jobs. After 4 months I missed 2 periods and tested positive. I have told my young lover we will not hold him responsible in any way, which he is happy about as he now has a girlfriend. He has had sex with me a few times during my pregnancy but I intend to end it when the baby is born so he can move on with his life. Hubby has been extremely horny as a result of my belly swelling with this young man's baby and wants me to find another lover soon after the birth.


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  • My wife and I have one child. She's had two other children from black men. I was with her when she gave birth to them. Both have my last name. Both of the fathers didn't want anything to do with the baby's. I love them like they are my own children. My wife still goes out on dates but she's had her tubes tied. It was hard for both are families to except that i was letting my wife sleep around with other men. It was even worse when she had a black baby. But are marriage is strong. The kids are beautiful . I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Please don't deny the biological father the pleasure of interacting with his child, and of continuing his intimacy with YOU. Your desire for him and another of his progeny in the midst of your marriage could be a deliciously sinful treat you do not want to deny yourself. Do not allow him to have a girlfriend! You MUST keep him for yourself! And you MUST keep your womb for him! Make this as perverted as possible!

  • Yeah, you really have to have AT LEAST two more pregnancies and births by this young man. You need to put him in the position of controlling you, your body, your womb, and your entire family. Please don't allow that opportunity to pass you by. If that isn't practical, then go out and get a boy half his age. Make your womb a factory and a nasty fucking asset. Be a bad girl!!

  • God, YES!! You may not have this chance again!! Your husband doesn't simply need to see this young man dominate you .. . . . . . he needs to live it! Baby after baby after baby, conceived in heat, carried in lust, birthed in perversion, as you yield to this boy the body you promised to your husband alone. Your husband needs to see how he fucks you, in conception, in pregnancy and in life. He needs to learn. Your husband needs to hear you tell the boy, "my husband can't compete with you and that's why I continue to breach all my wedding vows for you and with you", and " GIVE ME ANOTHER FILTHY FUCKING BASTARD INSIDE MY MARRIAGE!!! I WANT MORE OF YOUR BASTARD CHILDREN!!!! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!"

  • Congrats

  • Have you no kids already?

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