Pleasing Them

I got involved in my folks mid life sexual crisis. My mom and dad decided to get a bit kinky in their sexual activity. They was getting to enjoy being exhibitionists. They wanted to be caught by me. I could see thru their door opening mom naked on their bed smoking while playing with her cunt as dad sat on a chair smoking pulling his dick watching mom.
Then one day as I came back from browsing at the stores and entered my room I found mom sitting on my bed naked smoking away. I wasn't too happy. "Your father wants me to be your slut and watch." mom said. It was embarrassing to hear and see her tell me this being naked in my room. "Pull out your cock and show me what you have. Mom can be better than the girls you date." as she puffed away and blew smoke down there. "Don't think of me as your mom, Think of me as a slut bitch that you live with!" as she leaned back and opened her legs. "Stick it in me and feel my well used pussy that your father fucks." It was embarrassing to hear all this, but the dirty talk turned me on and I started to shove my dick in her. "That's it Baby! fuck this bitch!"
I had my eyes focused on mom that I didn't know dad was watching from the doorway until I smelled his cigarette smoke. I was pounding mom as he started to jerk his cock and said encouraging dirty words. They both seemed to be enjoying all this but guilt feeling me. Dad said, "You need to bring a girlfriend over and have her watch your mom show her how you needed to be fucked, mother fucker!"

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  • Terrible story. Shame

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