Smoking Women

I have always though women could be very sexy when they smoked cigarettes. When I was younger I though all the hot girls smoked. I still search for pictures and videos of women smoking and sex. Luckily I dated a few women who smoked. It is amazing how they could get me so turned on. Keep in mind I am aware of the dangers of smoking. At one point in time my spouse even was an occasional smoker who would use the cigarettes to get me excited. The sex would be amazing. As we have grown older our sex life slowed way down. I wish she would consider some more smokey sex from time to time with me or be ok with me finding someone who could satisfy the fetish.

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  • I know what you mean. You mentioned when you were young, all the sexy chicks smoked and I find many sexual preferences seem to be set in your teens. At my high school too the sexiest babes all smoked. I remember privately being driven crazy by girls who would blow smoke through pursed lips and then toss their head back and shake their hair loose. They looked so hot, slutty and adult-like and they knew it.

  • It should't be hard to find someone who smokes. Your sex life has slowed down because you wife is fucking a younger guy who hates the smell of smoke. Now get out there and find yourself a smoker!

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