Photo Shoot Heats Up... Part # 1

In the early eighties, several photographers in the area were advertising boudoir photos. They'd have nice backgrounds set up and provide sexy outfits or you could bring your own. And they brought in someone to fix your hair and make-up if you wanted. Then they took professional pics of you in sexy poses. Lots of women were doing these for anniversary or birthday presents for their husbands or boyfriends.

Lynn knew a couple of girls who'd done this and they encouraged her to do it. Not knowing we had hundreds of pictures of her in sexy lingerie, nude, all the way up to her being gangbanged. But she got curious when they told her which photographer was supposed to be the best, but then warned her they'd heard he'd sometimes come onto the girls and even touch them inappropriately but always appearing to be by accident. But never pushed the point.

I'd taken hundreds of pictures of her since we first got married at eighteen as well as other guys once we got into swinging. So now in her mid-twenties, she'd really gotten used to having strangers take pictures of her not just in sexy outfits, but nude and having sex with other guys/girls. It usually being their wife and Lynn having sex together. The idea of being alone with this photographer and seeing how far he'd go somehow had turned her on. So we decided to give it a shot. I think she wanted to try and turn the tables and shock him a little.

She made the appointment and went in taking some outfits with her. The girl fixed her hair and make-up and Lynn told her to make her look a little slutty saying I'd like that since she was usually so conservative. After finishing the make-up she went to get some outfits before she left and Lynn couldn't resist messing with the kind of shy & reserved hairstylist. So when the girl came back into the room Lynn was already naked. Lynn could tell it shocked her but sensed it turned her on a little too. So she asked her to help her pick out an outfit giving the girl a reason to stay in the room longer as Lynn stayed naked and up close to her.

They picked out a basque/bra combination & stockings. And it had to be laced up in front and Lynn asked the girl to lace it up for her knowing the girl normally would be gone by now. But she didn't hesitate to agree and she started at the bottom around Lynn's waist and worked her way up. The closer she got to Lynn's nice 34D tits the more nervous she got and working the lace,s through the more her hands were rubbing against my wife's tits. And one of her tits popped out and Lynn told her she might have to shove that one back in.

The girl didn't hesitate and took it in her hand and cupped it as she put it back in her hands shaking a little. And she commented on how firm Lynn's tits were. And Lynn thanked her and commented how soft the girl's hands were and how if felt good on her breasts, then asked if she'd make sure both her boobs were even. The girl slid her hands in cupping both of my wife's tits and while getting them in place gently squeezed. As soon as she did Lynn told her how good that felt. The girl didn't say anything and Lynn told her she didn't mean to embarrass her and told her she just liked how it felt because my hands felt so rough.

The girl said her husbands did too. So Lynn decided to really go for it and told her if she wanted to see what she meant that she'd show her. The girl paused for a while then said ok. Lynn got behind her reached under her top and unhooked the girl's bra then pressing her tits up against the girl's back reached around sliding her hands down through her top and cupped her tits and started squeezing them. She heard a muffled moan and began to rub the girl's hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She could hear her breathing deeper. Lynn told her what nice tits she had and asked if it was the first time a girl had felt of them? And if she liked how it felt. The girl said yes, then said and yes I have to say it feels great.

Lynn leaned forward and gently kissed her on the neck and whispered that she'd love to suck on them and show her how good that felt. There was no response so Lynn turned her around and lifted her top exposing the girl's tits. And leaned forward and started sucking them and gently nibbling on her long hard nipples. The girl moaned and finally started saying how great that felt as her hands moved over Lynn's body ending up cupping her ass. Then asked if she'd ever had a girl eat her pussy? Lynn said lots of times and that she loved it and loved doing it. Then asked how about you? The girl said she'd never even had a guy do it. That her husband always had her sucking his dick but he wouldn't try eating her pussy.

About then the photographer called out he'd finished out with his prior customer and would be ready when she was. But there was no rush. So Lynn asked the girl if she'd like to get together the next day at our house? And told her she'd love to finish what they started. The girl was fixing her clothes as she said hell yes. I can't wait as Lynn was writing down our address & phone number. And they arranged a time I wouldn't be there. Or so the girl thought. They got straightened out and went out of the room. After walking a few steps Lynn looked back and couldn't help but notice the girls pants were soaked around her crotch.

Then she set her sights on the photographer.

3 months ago

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    • She sounds like a sexual predator

    • You'd never know my wife is hot unless you're fucking her. She looks like a cute nun the way she dresses. Her girlfriend calls her Sister Chrissie Big Tits. She says she gets way to much attention even in business casual. She wears a sting bikini and mini skirts on vacation. She just doesn't want men drooling on her at work. She wore the bikini to party, said all the men there are married to my friends. It that makes sense. The shocker. A local talented lady photographer took 50 Playboy quality shots of her. Most completely nude, nothing X Rated but at least 10 pussy shots. Even those are PG17 -- nothing spread leg to the fun hole.
      Can I show my buddies? She picked out 10 -- show these. She said she knows she's hot, she just doesn't want to turn heads all the time. She said no copies. no phones around when you show them.

    • Sounds like you have a hot lady. We grew up in a small very conservative town and my wife's dad was the local preacher. So she had to dress ultra-conservative and act like a real goody, goody. One night I pretended to take a picture of my wife in the shower. She thought I actually had taken the picture. After her shower, she came out in a sexy outfit I'd never seen before. It turned out she'd gotten it as a wedding present from her cousin for our honeymoon. But she thought I might find it too slutty.

      She told me if I wanted to take pictures of her nude she didn't want it to be in the shower looking like a wet rat. We started taking pictures that night and after seeing them we both got so turned on we started taking pictures at least once a week. After a few weeks, we got to talking about how hot the person developing was probably getting turned on by them. And thinking about some stranger jerking off thinking about seeing her naked got us even hotter. Soon after that, I showed them to a friend and we ended up having our first threesome. Within a few months, we were full-fledged swingers.

      We mostly had MFM threesomes but were also wife swapping with other cpls and that led to Lynn finding out she liked having sex with women too. We'd meet couples in hotels out of town. And some of our threesomes were with trusted married friends we knew couldn't tell anyone because it might get back to their wife. And when we were out of town she exposed her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 redheaded body every time she got a chance and we picked up strangers for sex almost every weekend on our out-of-town trips. And we liked ordering a pizza etc to our hotel room. And when the delivery guy got there she'd let them in almost naked.

      She pays them and apologizes for not having money for a tip and offers to give them a blowjob or let them fuck her for a tip. A few turned her down but most at least felt her up and sucked her tits, but most had her suck their dick and a few fucked her.

    • I'm too jealous to get Chrissie in a mfm 3 way, and she'd never go for it. She said in her wildest dreams she's in a fmf 3 way. But I'm not fucking the other girl. We both go down on her, then Chrissie and I fuck. I said are you bi? She said I don't know. "when I see hot women I compare them to me, I'm not sure if it's admiration or I want to fuck them. I'll let you after I fuck one. Pick a cute one. At worse I chicken out and we play with her tits. I know I can do that."

    • I'm pretty sure if she ever tried it with another girl she'd like it. My wife's first time with a girl going further than just kissing & playing with a girl's tits was with the first couple we swapped with. The other couple's husband suggested we take some pictures of the girls helping each other undress. Once they were nude he suggested his wife squeeze my wife's tits. I was surprised when my wife didn't object. Then when the girl leaned over and took one of her tits in her mouth I was really surprised. But it turned out to just be the beginning.

      Soon they were taking turns sucking each other's tits & eating each other's pussy. After that, we changed our ad in the swinger magazine to say looking for couples with bi wife or single bi females. Lynn especially got off on girls with big tits. I found out later it might have had something to do with her best friend in high school who she'd experimented with. They'd kissed and sucked each other's tits but never went farther than that. And though Lynn has a nice set of 34D's her friend was a 36DD. So I guess that's why she loved big tits so much. But I got a few chances to see her friend's big tits as well as to fuck her a couple of times. So I could see why Lynn loved those big tits. And it was funny because my wife had encouraged me to come on to her friend when she wasn't around and said she bet she'd let me fuck her. And she was right her friend didn't take any coaxing at all. And never knew Lynn knew I was fucking her.

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