Helping out a friend...

One of my friends named Jeff had been going through a divorce for about a year and had gotten to where all he could talk about was how horny he was. So one night I went out to a bar with him we thought would be a good pick-up spot. I was going as his wingman and for moral support. But it looked like every girl there was already with a guy or waiting on one. He was getting even more depressed so we decided to stop and get a 12 pack and go to the house and watch some porn. He said at least it would give him something to think about when he went home and jerked off. While he was in the bathroom I called to let my wife know what we were doing because a lot of times when I'd go out she'd be waiting on me in one of her sexy outfits ready to fuck. We'd been swingers for a while and had been in several threesomes but had never talked about doing anything with Jeff because she really didn't know him except in passing. When I called I told her it wouldn't be very cool to have him see her in one of her sexy outfits and not do anything. She said she'd probably just go to bed.

When we got to the house he headed to the family room and I went to the kitchen to put the beer in the fridge. When I got to the family room he was standing in the doorway his mouth open rubbing his cock through his pants. I had a pretty good idea Lynn had changed her mind. When I looked past him there she was spread out on the couch pretending to be asleep. All she had on was a garter belt & stockings and heels and a totally see-through red housecoat that was laying wide open. He could see every inch of her sexy 5-8, 120lb, 34-DD-24-35 body with long red hair & matching bush. She had one hand on her inner thigh and another cupping one of her big tits. She had an empty wine bottle on the floor that I knew had only had half a glass full in it and beside it was a long thick dildo. She had a porno in showing two hot girls in a 69. I knew she'd staged all of this and had decided to have some fun with my friend. When he saw me he said he guessed he should go, but I said no and motioned for him to follow me. I pretended to wake her up and she acted like she had a good buzz as she looked up at us.

She sat up and quickly put the dildo behind the couch cushion and took my beer took a swallow and asked if there was more in the refrigerator. She stood up and made no effort to close the housecoat though you could see right through it. She was basically standing there naked and as she left to get a beer she said either we needed to take off some clothes or she'd put some on. When she got back we'd stripped down to our underwear and she'd taken off the housecoat saying it made her itch. She took the movie she had in out and replaced it with one where a girl was doing two guys at once. Then sat down between us on the couch. She downed her beer and slid off the couch to her knees and pulled our cocks out. At first, she was stroking them then she had us stand close together and started sucking us off, going back & forth and a couple of times pressing them together and taking both in her mouth at once. We got her back on the couch and took turns sucking her tits as the other ate her pussy. Then we took turns with one fucking her while she went down on the other one's cock. And then I fucked her in the ass while Jeff fucked her pussy. When we were ready to cum we covered her face & tits in cum.

It was late so Jeff left and we fucked again in the shower. Soon after this, Jeff had moved to a city about 50 miles away but every once in a while, he'd show up late on a Saturday night drunk & horny. So Lynn started to always be wearing something revealing if wearing anything at all. We'd have a threesome and he'd spend the night & sober up. We could tell it was him by the sound of his car. He had a bad-ass Torino with a 429 so it made lots of noise. One night we heard him pull up and we'd been taking pictures and Lynn was dressed like a sexy secretary with her hair up and wearing glasses. She had a black mini skirt on that let you see her garter belt & stockings and a white blouse a couple of sizes too small with only 3 buttons hooked. You could easily see her black half bra that her tits were spilling out of and she had on a pair of 4" spiked heels. We'd set up a background with a desk and a chair to look like an office. I went to the door and let him in, but got a surprise as he had 4 other guys and a girl with him. They had all been drinking, but as soon as they saw the camera on a tripod and how she was dressed they knew what we were doing.

One guy spoke up and said maybe they should go and Lynn said no we could finish what we were doing another time, and that Jeff needed to sober up before trying to drive back home. But the other girl spoke up and said or you can finish while we watch and commented how she and her boyfriend liked taking pictures and she bet these were going to be hot. Being an avid exhibitionist Lynn was all for that. She started to slowly undress and let her hair down until all she had on was her sexy garter belt & stockings and heels. I was going to finish up the roll of film and the girl's husband spoke up and suggested she pose with Lynn for a few pictures. She was all for that and wearing only a tank top & shorts she was naked in seconds. I started taking pictures and almost instantly Terry started to cup Lynn's tits, so Lynn started playing with her tits. It didn't take long before they were kissing and sucking each other's tits and eating each other's pussy. I'd put another roll of film in and kept taking pictures. A couple of the guys had their cocks out playing with them. Once the girls saw that they moved over and started undressing all the guys and were soon busy servicing the 6 cocks at their disposal.

At one point Terry was sucking my cock while Lynn had a cock in her mouth, ass & pussy all at the same time as the other 2 guys played with her tits and jerked off covering her in cum. Then they did Terry I stopped taking pictures wanting to fuck Terry. She was a hot little 17-yo blonde who'd got married at 16 to her 30-yo husband. And had obviously had sex with lots of guys and girls. He was really turned on watching his young wife sucking my thick 9" cock and even more turned on watching me fuck her in the ass as another guy fucked her pussy and she was eating Lynn's pussy as she sucked a guy off. This went on until the sun was up. So we all crashed and got some sleep. They headed back home but Terry and her husband made plans on meeting us again to swap partners. And we hooked up several times after that. It wasn't the only time Jeff brought someone with him, but after that, it was only 1-2 guys except for once when he brought a girl with him. He didn't tell us they were married until she and Lynn had hooked up and I'd fucked her while he fucked Lynn. She was hot as hell and great at sex and we found out she was a stripper and sometimes turned tricks. They were only together a few months but she was one of the best fucks I'd ever had.

But Jeff got married again a couple of years later and stopped drinking and settled down.

Jul 27
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