GF has App controlled Ohmibod

I do a lot of traveling with my job. My GF and I use our computers to talk to each other when I am away. She has done a few strip teases for me when I have been away. She bought an Ohmibod vibrator that allows me to control her vibrations after she has inserted it. We can see each other on the computer as we tease each other. She teases me by slowly stripping until shes naked and I give her pulsing vibrations to encourage her. Seeing her naked on the bed and watching her shake as I control the pulses is amazing. She never knows whats coming so I will withhold the pulses to get her to do what I want. When she is close to orgasm she will do just about anything to get me to send more vibrations. When she is on the edge I hit her with some powerful vibrations to make her orgasm. Watching and listening to her orgasm and sometimes begging me to stop is hot. Once when I was out of town She called me on the computer and it was obvious she was horny and wanted one of our session’s. She was unaware that I had some male friends in the room with me. I muted the microphone and told my friends to stay out of view of the camera and what the call was about. She couldn’t see them but they could see her. After about 20 minutes she was naked on the bed and getting close to orgasm. She was begging me to finish her. I told her to open her legs and play with her nipples. We all had a clear view. I gave her some pulses and she started saying oh yes keep going more more. She was arching her back and I knew she was ready. I called the guys into her view and sent strong pulses to make her cum. She opened eyes to look at me and saw the other guys. She said OMG you’re not alone! I gave her a long stream of strong pulses and she started shaking and crying out I’m cumming. I gave her a steady stream of strong pulses. She was cumming uncomfortably. We were all watching and she was saying OMG what are you doing to me. Then she opened her eyes to see us all watching and I gave her more pulses. She cried out OMG I’m cumming again and you’re all watching me. I was in control and she knew it. I let her relax and catch her breath and talked to her. She said please no more pulses. I told her to face the camera and open her long slender legs for us. She said for us? I gave her a little pulse and she said ok ok. She opened her pretty legs for us. Her pretty titties and hard nipples were nice also. I let the guys comment to her. She was out of breath from cumming and laid there saying thank you. I said honey roll over and let the guys see your pretty ass. She said OMG really? I said do you want more pulses? She said ok ok and rolled over so we could see her backside. I gave her a couple of pulses and she said no,no no more. I said turn back over so we can see your titties up close. She turned over and sat on the end of the bed close to her computer. Her titties in full view. She said OMG you guys this is so unfair. She started laughing and said I can’t believe I’m showing you my titties. How many are there? A said only 4 and me. She looked at the camera knowing we could all see her. Somebody said nice tits. She kind of smiled and looked away and said I’m glad you like them. One asked if her nipples were always hard. She looked down at them and said no but they are now with all of you looking. I gave her a little pulse and she jumped. She said just a minute and walked out of site. I pulsed her again and I could hear her say stop that! She came back on camera still naked. I pulsed again and nothing happened. She laughed and said I took it out. She said I’m going to end this now and go to sleep. Everyone on my end booed. I said how about another view like we had before? She said OMG no! I said you’re already naked. She shook her head and laid back on the bed open so we could see her still wet pussy. Then she sat back close to the computer and said good night guys and you, you’re in a lot of trouble. When I got home she was playfully pissed off about me not telling her there was guys in the room with me. I said I was sorry but everyone enjoyed her. I said and the vibrator worked real good. She laughed and said too good, I was out of control. I said did you enjoy us watching you. She said she was embarrassed cumming in front of everyone but once she got used to the fact we could all see her it was kind of exciting. I said maybe I can invite some guys over at home. She said OMG absolutely not!! Then said next time I was away if I wanted to invite guys to watch on the computer again she would be ok with it. She just wanted me to let her know in advance. We have done it several times and we both seem to enjoy it. Sometimes with the vibrator and sometimes without. Shes always super horny when I get home. I asked why she could do it on the computer but not at home ? She said it didn’t feel right doing it at home but on the computer she could be naughty and be the little stripper that she couldn’t be in person. It’s all good.

Jul 30
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    • Wish we'd had these things when I was first married - a long time ago! - and I had to go away on business. We had to make do with dirty talking on the phone. It would have been incredible to have had that control over my wife and horny as fuck to have other men watching!

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