My ex-girlfriend's younger sister... ( Part I )

When I was 16-17 yrs old I was dating a hot girl with huge tits a cpl of years younger than me. She loved sex and especially sucking cock. We'd had some hot times but neither of us considered it a real relationship. But I'd gotten really close with her whole family and sometimes I'd drop by just to visit them even after we stopped going out. She had a sister and brother around my age and a little sister who was only 5-6 yrs old who really adored me and would come and jump in my lap every time I went by. I remember one time when she'd been playing in a little plastic pool wearing a black swimsuit and she ran over and jumped in my lap soaking the front of my pants but I laughed it off. I got married about a year later and my wife Lynn and I got into swinging almost right away. I'd dropped by on occasion and even took my wife there a couple of times. But we got busy and several years had passed since I'd seen Maryann. I was driving by one day and saw this hot blonde with the body of a playboy center fold. Long blonde hair & blue eyes and a nice dark tan. She was washing a car in this really skimpy black swimsuit. The first thing that flashed through my mind was little Maryann jumping in my lap in her black swimsuit.

She had blonde hair and blue eyes, I was thinking could this possibly be her. It had been years since I'd gone by and it was possible someone else was living there now. But I couldn't resist and turned around and stopped. As I walked up the driveway the girl looked over at me like oh no not another guys wanting to hit on me. Then she took another look and got a big smile and ran toward wrapping her arms around me, her big tits pressing against me and like before getting the front of my pants & shirt soaked. After a long hug she kissed me on the lips and said how good it was to see me and asked if I was still married? When I said I was she said that was too bad and told me she'd thought a lot about me and then shocked me when she said she'd also had some fantasies about me. Then explained she spied on me and her sister and hadn't forgotten how big I was. She said it didn't mean much then but as she got older and had been with a couple of guys she started thinking about that. And that she'd always had a little crush on me. Looking at her fantastic body and having her pressed against me had gotten me turned on and she noticed the bulge growing in my shorts. She looked down at the bulge and standing in a sexy pose with her hands on her hips she said she could make me feel so good if I wasn't married.

I laughed and said what if I get a note from Lynn saying it's OK? She laughed and said yea that sweet innocent preacher's daughter would let you screw me. I was so shocked when I heard myself say she's not that innocent anymore and I bet she'd be all for it, only she'd probably want to join in. Maryann suddenly looked serious as hell. I thought she was going to tell me off for even jokingly suggesting something like that. But she asked if I was serious? So I said what if I am? She paused then looked around and said she was going to trust me to keep this between the two of us. Then said she could really get into a threesome with Lynn and I, but she thought Lynn was real religious and very conservative. So I explained she had to act that way when she was out around our small town because of her dad being the preacher and everyone knowing she was his daughter, but that behind closed doors or out of town she was totally different. And confided in her that we were swingers and that Lynn was bi but we hardly ever could find a hot girl for a threesome so she ended up one on one with wives of couples we swapped with.

I could tell she wasn't buying it so I pulled my wallet out and reached into the hidden pocket and pulled out 3 pictures of my sexy wife in only a garter belt & stocking with lots of make-up on and in one pictures she had 3 of her fingers buried in her pussy. I used them to jerk off when I was out of town on business. Maryann took them and as she looked at them said damn she's hot. Even though Maryann was only 19 and we were both 31 she still was turned on at the idea of being with us. She confessed she'd experimented a little with other girls but only kissing and feeling each other up but had never gone all the way saying our town was so conservative she was afraid to really bring anything like that up. Then said if I was serious and Lynn was good with it she'd love to hook-up with us. I asked if she had a picture I could show Lynn since she hadn't seen her in years. She led me inside and she was home alone she took out a polaroid camera and slid her bathing suit off. I took a full frontal picture of her naked. She took the picture from me and told me to give her one of the pictures of Lynn and we'd trade back after she knew I was telling her the truth. Then told me I'd better not shoot off on it and laughed.

I told Lynn what had happened that night and at first she was unsure remembering Maryann as a kid. But when she saw the picture she knew it was her remembering what the inside of their house looked like. She got a very sexy grin and asked if I was sure she'd go through with it because she hadn't seen Lynn in years. When I told her about the pictures I'd shown Maryann she knew Maryann knew exactly what she looked like. Which at 5-8, 120lb, 34-DD-24-35 with long red hair and green eyes Lynn was still smoking hot herself and I could tell by Maryann's reaction she was hot for Lynn. She didn't have to wait long because Lynn called her that night to let her know that I'd talked to her and that she was 100% into the 3 of us getting together. We decided for the first time we'd meet at a hotel in a city about 45 miles away. Lynn and I got there first When Maryann got there I let her in and Lynn came out of the bathroom in a totally see through red housecoat left open in front a white garter belt & sheer silk stockings and 4" heels with a pair of white see through panties. With the heels she was 6' tall. But was surprised when she saw Maryann was in an equally tall pair of heels and her naturally being 5-11 was still taller than Lynn. I found it kind of hot because at 6-5 I rarely had 2 girl that tall even if it was with heels.

But when Maryann took off the kind of unflattering long dress she had on wow. She was wearing a black leather garter belt and black stocking a leather half bra that were pushing her big 36-D tits together and up but doing nothing to cover them up.and a pair of skimpy leather panties. She'd painted her nails black and was wearing black lipstick & dark eye shadow. Compared to Lynn's red nails & lipstick. They both looked hot but seeing that hot 19-yo decked out in black leather and black make-up with that long light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her plump lips in that lipstick looked like they were made for sucking cock. And I couldn't wait to feel them wrapped around my thick 9" cock. And just by the way she carried herself I had no doubt she'd had those lips wrapped around lots of hard dicks. She and Lynn started to hug, at first just a greeting and saying how nice it was to see each other again and how long it had been. Then they just looked into each others eyes for a couple of minutes and started to kiss with incredible passion as their hands explored each other's bodies. They started to undress each other and when Lynn pulled those leather panties off of Maryann we got a surprise. When I took her picture that day she had a neatly trimmed blonde bush. But now it was shaved bare, and this was in the early 80's long before you saw that. But Lynn dived between Maryann's long sexy legs and started eating her wet pussy. It being the first time she had a girl eat her pussy and one who by then was quite experienced and talented at it.

I'd normally take pictures of Lynn with other girls since they were usually wive's of couples we were swapping with, and the other husband was usually taking pictures too. I didn't know how Maryann would react but at the worst she'd just tell me to stop. But she wasn't fazed when I started taking pictures and at times seemed to move where I'd get a better picture. In no time she had an orgasm and soon another. Lynn moved up and started sucking on those big yet quite firm young tits. After a few minutes Maryann rolled Lynn over almost like a wrestler and started to kiss her and then sucked on Lynn's big DD's but not for long as it seemed obvious she was anxious to eat my wife's wet cunt. She'd obviously paid attention to what Lynn had done to her and after getting her bearings was going down on Lynn's pussy like a pro. After she got Lynn off They went back to kissing and fondling each other's tits. But then Lynn whispered something to Maryann and they both looked over at me as I was putting another roll of film in the camera. By then I was naked and my cock was rock hard. Once I finished what I was doing Lynn gave Maryann a long hot kiss and got out of the bed and motioned me to ward the bed.

I gladly did as I was told and soon I was sucking on Maryann's big tits as she stroked my cock. But after only a few minutes she pushed me away and said she wanted my cock and in no time she was sucking my cock, and as I'd suspected she was damn good at sucking dick. But she wanted to feel my cock inside her. She got on top facing away from me as my cock slid into her tight cunt. As I started pumping in & out I couldn't resist and reached around fondling her firm young tits. And I realized that Lynn was taking pictures now and she rarely did that.

But I must have reached some kind of limit as it stopped me from writing more so I guess I'll have to add a part II...

Jul 29
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