Surprise for some " OLD " friends...

We got married in the late 70's at 18yrs old. And it was around that time VCR's first came out.But no local stores sold porn videos.So I had to go to a city about an hours drive away to buy any.While I was there one day I ran into a much older guy who was from the city I lived in he was in his late 50's. We got to talking about maybe trading some movies.So he came to my house a few days later and while looking through the movies began to wonder if we could make copies so we'd both have all the movies. The next week he brought his VCR over and sure enough it worked.So we'd started getting together once a week and would copy two movies while we watched them.

We always did it at my house because his wife hated anything about porn. An the way he talked wasn't very much into sex either. He'd also told me about another guy he really trusted who had a collection of movies who he was going to ask to join us if it was ok with me. Both of them were high level executives and needed discretion as did I. So I agreed.My wife was usually at work when we were watching the movies. But that particular day she got home early. I could tell he liked what he saw as I introduced them. Lynn was 18-yo 5-8,110 lb 34D-24-35 with long redish blonde hair & green eye's and very beautiful. And even though she was dressed conservative for work you could still see she was very sexy.

When she went upstairs he went on and on about how sexy my wife was. As well as how she didn't seem at all offended by the porn movie playing on the tv. The next week he brought his friend over an the three of us got busy with making copies of the movies. But Bill kept on talking about how lucky I was and how sexy my wife was and ask if I had a picture of her I could show the new guy Jerry ? I was tempted to pull out a few of the many nude pics I had of my hot wife.But I got a few more tame photos of her in shorts and a tank top. But these two old guys were going nuts over them. An the rest of the afternoon they kept talking about her. I'd already heard Bill comment about how his wife wouldn't suck his cock for him early on an then Jerry said the same about his wife. But surprised me when he ask if my wife had ever gone down on me? An they both smiled and went on an on about how lucky I was when I said that she loved sucking cock.

That night Lynn and I talked about what all had been said an it seemed to really turn her on. She loved to expose herself when we were out of town. An seemed to especially like flashing older guys saying they looked very appreciative. An she wouldn't just show a little,she tried to let them get a long look at her entire body as she'd open her dress letting them see her naked from head to toe except for maybe a garter and stockings. So when I ask if she'd mind if I showed them some of her sexier pics and maybe a couple of her sucking my cock would she be ok with it ? I figured she'd be thrilled with the idea,except maybe the blowjob pics. But she quickly said it sounded great. An said it had kind of turned her on that day when she had met Bill saying she could see the lust in his eyes.

But that night in bed she said she'd been thinking about it.An just as I was about to get dissapointed she said instead of pictures why not show them the real thing ? She'd let several of my friends see her naked and we'd had 3-some's with most of them.As well as swapping with a couple. So I knew she was serious because she loved being seen nude. So we worked out a plan. But decided to wait a couple of weeks for Jerry to get more at ease with being here.

Over the next cpl of weeks we continued to copy movies. An those two kept talking about my sexy wife.And I'd learned by comments they'd made during the movies they both got really turned on by girls in garter belts & stockings and heels. And they were wanting to get there cocks sucked something bad. Both admitting they'd gone to hookers before just to get a blowjob. But that it had been at least 15 years ago.That night I told Lynn about what all that had been said as usual and ask if she wanted to put on a show for them the next week. I'd thought about asking if she'd maybe be willing to suck them off but was afraid because they were so old it might gross her out and she'd call off the whole thing. But she surprised me by asking if I'd be ok with her sucking all three of us off. Saying if it had been fifteen years they'd probably love it. An of course I agreed.

I couldn't wait until the next week and my two old friends arrived. I had already put in a movie to copy that I knew had young girls I garter belts & stockings throughout the movie. As planned Lynn came in about a half hour later. I introduced her to Jerry who was really checking her out. An as she was getting ready to go upstairs I told her she'd had a package come and I'd laid it on the bed. She ask if it was what she'd been waiting on ? An I said yes an said why don't you let them see it an see what they think of it. She ask if I was sure ? So I said yea were all adults. We went back to the movie. About 15 min later I hear the click of her spiked heels on the steps. I'd intentionally sat with my back to the steps so they would see her first.

I see this shocked look on there faces but I keep watching the movie as if I had no idea what was happening. But knowing these much older guys saw my sexy young wife walking towards them in only a sexy black garter belt & stocking's with matching bra and panties and spiked heel's. As she went past me she looked at me an said OK. I ask what she was doing an she said well didn't you say to put this on so they could see it ? And I laughed an told her I'd said bring it down,but that was even better. She turned around a couple of times letting them get a good look at her. And she'd let her long hair down and had put on some dark eye shadow and matching red nail polish & lipstick making her look even sexier.

Her big 34D tits looked like they were going to burst out of her bra and half of her huge pink areolia's that cover the end of her tits were peeking out from her skimpy bra. An the skimpy sheer panties were doing little to cover her fiery red bush. She made them promise they wouldn't tell anyone about her letting them see her like that an of course they did. As she modeled it for them she complained that the bra was too tight. So I suggested she take it off. Like earlier she ask if I was sure ? Saying with a bra & panties it was like wearing a bikini. So I said again were all adults. Then said an I think your a little turned on them seeing you like this. An she smiled an said yea it was kind of a turn on having several guys see her like that. Kind of like some of the girls in the movies.

So she reached back an unhooked the bra and tossed it to the side and got this sexy grin as she moved around making her tits bounce. Then she turned her back to them and slid her panties off letting them see her firm young ass. Turning around she started to rub her pussy and fondle her tits as they looked on with sweet rolling off there faces. She came over and acted like she was whispering in my ear and I said I know something they would really like out loud then whispered to her. Then said out loud but it's up to you. She just got a big grin an started to rub her pussy faster an slid a couple of fingers in then took them out an put them in her mouth sucking her juices off. Her other had squeezing one of her tits.

She moved closer to the couch they were on and commented on how she loved how silk stockings felt. An took one of them's hand at rubbed it on her thigh asking if he liked how that felt. An before he could answer told the other to see how nice it felt.Now rubbing there hands over her inner thigh she moved there hands up to her hairy bush and as she rubbed there hands over her pussy said and that really feels good. Bill looked at me an ask if I was ok with that an I said actually it was turning me on. In no time they were caressing her ass and fondling her tits. Then she sat down between them an they started sucking her tits. Then Bill moved down an started to eat her pussy. Then Lynn pulled him back up beside her. An as she reached over an rubbed each of them's hard cock she said she'd been told there was something they hadn't had in 15 yrs that they really missed.

They both looked at me as if asking approval. An I said well I've seen girls in the movies going down on 2 or 3 guys at once and it really turned me on and she's wondered what it would be like to have multiple guys,or a guy and another girl at the same time. " Threw that in cause girl on girl drove them nut's ". Soon they were undressed and she was taking turns sucking them off.Taking her time by sucking there balls & licking up an down there shaft an a couple of times taking them & squeezing them together taking both at once. Finally I got up an undressed an went over an began to fuck her while she sucked them off. An finally had her take turns sucking all 3 of us off. As she was swapping back and forth. I told them she had another fantasy too if they wanted to help out with it. Of course they asked what ? When I said she wanted several guys to shoot off on her face and tits they both were happy as could be.

I'd noticed watching movies with them that they both seemed to get off on that.An said if they prefered to cum in her mouth that was cool. After a few more minutes of her cock sucking an our jerking off. We all emptied our loads all over her face & tits. An Lynn went to work licking every bit she could reach with her mouth. Then wiping it off with her fingers & sucking it off as the three of us watched. They cleaned up an left soon after.

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