Young wife with old guy's..

In the late 70's when VCR,s first came out the only place I could find that sold porn movies was an adult bookstore about an hour away from where I lived. I had been married about a year and my wife and I were both 19 yo. We had gotten into nude photography,exhibitionism and 3-somes with a couple of our friends within months after getting married.And my wife Lynn loved showing off her hot 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body. With long auburn hair & green eyes she was a knock out and got lots of attention.

On a couple of my trips to buy some porn movies I'd noticed an older guy there with a city decal from the same city I was from. So we got to talking and decided to get together and swap a few movies. After getting together a few times we decided to try and copy a movie. Not really thinking it would work. But he brought his VCR over and we hooked them up together. And not only did it work but the quality was really good. So we started getting together once a week and would usually copy two movies which usually took about 21/2 hrs. And as we watched the movies discussed some of the things we liked.

One afternoon while copying movies my wife came home from work and as I was introducing her I noticed his eyes moving up & down over her body. She was wearing a very conservative dress but you could still tell she had a very nice body. After she left the room he just went on and on about how lucky I was and how sexy my wife was. And I started getting turned on hearing this guy 3 times our age talking about how hot my wife was. After he left I told Lynn all the things he had said and it turned her on too. After talking about it we both agreed what a turn on it would be for him to see a lot more of her. But didn't want to do it right away.

Over the next couple of weeks as we copied more movies he kept on talking about how hot my wife was. And seeing it didn't offend me started asking things about our sex life. Such as if she sucked my cock for me or if I'd ever fucked her in the ass ? Both things his wife wouldn't do and I could see he got really turned on when I told him she loved sucking cock and that we had just started trying anal. I think we were both more turned on talking about Lynn than we were by the movies we were playing.

So that night Lynn and I started trying to come up with a way for her to show off for him. And he'd always went on & on about girls in stockings and heels. So we wanted Lynn wearing one of her outfits from Fredricks of Hollywood. And had a plan where she would come in while he was here and mention she'd just got that package we'd been waiting on. And I'd say well let us see it. She'd be in another room. And she'd say are you sure and I'd reply sure were all adults and nobody's going to say anything. She finally say ok I'll be in there in a minute. I'd tell him she'd ordered some lingerie and how I couldn't believe she thought it would be a big deal in showing it to you after all you saw whole racks of it in stores. So it would leave the assumption that she would be dressed and just carrying the outfit.

We planned on doing it two weeks later on a day she could get off work early. The next week he was still talking about Lynn. And he'd also mentioned a guy he knew who had a nice collection of movies that we could trust and suggested maybe him coming over some time. I said ok an he said he'd talk to him and see what he said an get back to me.

That night Lynn and I went over our plan again and it was obvious she was really turned on at the idea of exposing herself to this much older guy. An it kind of surprised me when she ask if she should let him touch her ? I wasn't sure exactly what she had in mind and didn't ask wanting to be surprised. I did get really excited waiting for the next week to come wondering if she was going to let this guy feel her nice firm tits or play with her hairy little bush. But I'd told her do whatever she wanted to do.

Well the next week finally came and I was all jacked up in expectation of my hot young wife exposing herself to this much older guy. But when he got there my heart dropped as he had brought his friend with him. This guy was around his same age. But we started to copy a movie as my disapointment grew. As we'd planned Lynn got home early and came in in a conservative outfit and ask if we'd like something to drink and we all declined.

She left the room and a couple of minutes later I was shocked when she called in and said the package we'd been waiting on had arrived. But I answered back as planned an said to let us see it and we went thru the whole we were adults & so on and my making it sound like she'd be carrying the outfit. Which is really what I expected.

About 15 min later my hot 19-yo wife walks in wearing only a black garter belt and sheer stocking and a pair of spiked heel's.Crotchless panties and a half bra that didn't cover her tits but just lifted them making them look even bigger.Her huge puffy pink nipples looked like they were on display. She had put on dark eye liner making her look very sultry and dark red lipstick & matching nail polish we jokingly called prostitute red.

She strutted around the room very sexy and said she hoped they weren't offended. Then made them promise they wouldn't tell anyone. She moved to where they were sitting on the couch and took one of thems hand an placed it on her thigh rubbing it over the silky stocking and ask if that didn't feel good ? An just as he said yes she moved his hand up to her pussy and ask if he liked how that felt too. After having them both feel her hairy bush & firm young ass she stepped back and said actually the bra & panties were kind of uncomfortable and slowly stripped out of them. She move back close and ask if they were sure they wouldn't say anything to anyone & they agreed. She sat on the couch between them.

They looked to see my reaction and when they saw me pull my pants down & start stroking my cock they knew I was ok with this. Soon these 2 old guys had started sucking on my wife firm young tits & playing with her pussy. And she started undoing there belts and in no time they had gotten undressed. She had them stand up and she got on her knees and started sucking them off. At first one & then the other then taking both in her mouth at once. Which at first they seemed uneasy with but soon were gladly pressing there dicks together for this hot little girl to shove in her mouth.

After sucking them a while she had them sit down and took turns letting them fuck her tits. Then moved up and sat in ones lap sliding his cock into her tight little cunt. As she had the other stand in front of her so she could suck him off. She ended up asking them both to cum on her face & tits and I gladly added my hot load to the mess.

Lynn left the room to clean up as we put our cloths back on. A few minutes later she came back in totally nude except for her heels bringing us some cold drinks. We sat there watching the movie we were copying finish up and Lynn stayed nude as if that was perfectly natural.

We continued to copy movies over the next few months and Lynn let them see her nude a few more times but didn't have sex with them again. But gradually our schedules began to change and we lost contact. But I bet they never forgot that night.

An over the years I found it really turned Lynn on more to expose herself to much older or much younger guys. She said it was something about there expression that turned her on. They seemed more appreciative. I know one night after answering the door in a towel to pay our 13-yo paperboy and a friend who was with him and dropping the towel letting them see every inch of her hot body she fucked my brains out as she talked about how they probably went home & jerked off imagining fucking her.

But it was almost as much of a turn on watching her with others as it was to be fucking her myself " ALMOST ".. But we had lots of other experiences with hot 3-somes, wife swaps and a few groups as well as Lynn having a cpl of gang-bangs. And she was into girls as well so seeing her with another hot girl was always a plus. Hope you enjoy hearing my confession.

And now that I'm older I look back and wonder why some 19 yo guy wont share his sexy young wife with


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  • My wife and I are turned on by photography and videos of us. And she has had sex with older men and now we want to try younger guys. The first time with an older man was at a wine bar, we sat down at the bar next to an older man, we were in our thirties and he must have been mid 50s. We talked about places we’ve been and about a recent vacation. I noticed him checking her out and when she got up to use the bathroom I asked him if he’d like to see our vacation pics. Of course there were pics of my wife topless and some of her spreading her legs among other normal vacation pics. He saw them as I swiped through them on my phone. When my wife got back I told her I showed him our pics, she smiled and said uh oh which ones and I said all of them, she smiled and said okay what did you think and he said he though she was beautiful. We ended up in the back seat of my wife’s Tahoe. He had sex with her while she sucked my dick.
    Now she is 40 and we want to find a young guy to fuck her.

  • This is cool. i'm older now, very toned, ready to help some young couple out too.

  • Hey I know what you mean I'm thinking the same way... The closest I've came to being the older guy was when I was in my late 30's and a cpl in there 20's got me to take some picture's for them and got a hand-job while she sucked her husband off.

  • Nice. Let's hope another chance comes your way. I can't wait to be chosen.

  • It seems very fake but still a good story.

  • It's inevitable some people wont think some of our experiences aren't possibly real. If I wasn't there I might feel that way... But that's ok, I'm just glad you enjoyed.

  • Love your story, I really want a wife like yours

  • Thank's glad you enjoyed it. Our experiences were lots of fun for us and really brought us closer. And now that they are just memories sharing them with others is a way to help re-live them. An I can tell you finding a wife like mine is a one in a million shot. And I feel so fortunate everyday.

  • A little lengthy but quite a lot of content.
    However I do have difficulty believing the story, I think you have a tug while writing and thinking up things to add to the story it probably makes you very horny EH ?
    Personally I love getting cross dressed at the moment I have on a nice pair of suspender panties with white ruffles attached to black stockings with heels, a plastic french maids outfit , earrings, make up and wig so very sexy, my wife will be home soon so I better get the chores finished or I will get a red bum

  • Well actually the story is real. I just like going in to detail in hopes it will help those i'm sharing our experiences with to really appreciate what was going on. But I know some people won't think it really happened and I respect that.

    But I wont keep you as I know you have chores to do and I don't want your wife to get cross with you.

  • Your so very nice I have changed my mind and now think your post is true.
    Thank you for not deriding my cross dressing you must be a nice man, I really enjoy it.

  • Wow that is a great story and like you I like watching my wife exposing herself to other men but she hasn't actually had sex with a much older man but yes she has had sex with younger guys and after reading your story I can now fantasise about watching my wife with a much older guy sitting here just wondering who would be interested among my friends (male obviously) although both of us aren't interested in a another woman joining us

  • Glad you enjoyed our experience. We had a lot of experiences with guys our age but they were mostly mfm 3-somes. With us starting so young 18/19 we were kind of limited as back in the 70's/80's when we were doing these things it seemed most people into swinging were in there 30's and up. Also we were kind of reluctant to confide in any friends our age afraid if they weren't into it they might expose our interest to all of our friends. But with 3-somes we'd usually pick guys we really trusted and usually who were married. Knowing they wanted to keep it a secret as well. But did on occasion did tell a friend they trusted. But we were lucky because each time it ended up with that person not telling anyone else but us in hopes we'd have a 3-some with them.

    But Lynn seemed to really get more excited when we had experiences with much older guys. And as we got older younger guys. She said it was just something about how they seemed more excited and appreciative when they saw her sexy body nude except for a garter & stockings and that excitement turned her on. Which if you think about it who would be more turned on seeing a hot 25yo girl naked a guy the same age or a 15yo or 50yo. Also it felt more tabu to her. But it all seemed to work out where everyone had a good time.

    As for other girl's with Lynn that just kind of happened unexpectedly. We had been corresponding with a cpl & swapping photos through the mail and they hooked us up with a cpl they knew who lived close to us. We started out with taking pics of each others wife then decided on some posed pics of them together. Before long the 2 girls were going at it. It was the 1st of many girls Lynn was with...

  • So you’re the same guy, right? The last story about the dad and his friend walking in... I get it, so it’s always an authority figure, and a “friend”-who’s a stranger to you, voyeurism... I get it. I like it.

  • Most of our 3-somes were with friends our age but were all pretty similar though still very hot. That's why I tend to try and share the more unique. Also lot's of our experiences took place out of town because we lived in a pretty conservative small city. An I guess a lot of them were with people who in a way seemed to be authority figures since we started when we were 18/19 yrs old and it seemed starting out most couple's we swapped with were in there 30's I guess we were early starters. Of course as we got older we got a chance to see how it was for them in a way. As Lynn loved when she was able to expose her hot body off to younger guys.

    Which she always seamed to get more excited when the guys were much older or much younger. But I guess someone being an authority figure of sorts did make it hotter. Which reminds me of a cpl of experience I'll try & share soon. And some of our more unsavory experiences that we surely didn't want our conservative friends & co-workers like sharing my wife with total strangers in public places like adult theatres or bookstore gloryhole's were kept as our little secret. Which the only place in town that showed adult movies was a drive in a few miles out of town. And we did go there some time's. At first nervous about who might see us but then realizing if there was someone there who knew us they couldn't tell on us without themselves having to explain being there.

    But now that were older sharing our experiences from the past is a way to relive the past. But i'm sure if some 18yo offered to let me fuck his hot wife while he watched I'd probably have to consider it...

    I hope those who I share our experiences with enjoy them 1/2 as much as we did. ( Though I kind of doubt it because we enjoyed the hell out of them ).

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