My older boyfriend.

I'm 14 and a freshman, almost a sophomore. i've always made older friends. before this year, my oldest friends were around 16 or 17. but i made a bunch of way older friends with the seniors and their even older friends.
like this one guy, mike. he's 21. which is so cool cus he can buy beer for whenever we all hangout. it was mike that bet me to drink my first beer. it was gross and they all laughed. i think i'm the youngest in the group. but i don't care. they drive me places and its cool.
i've had boyfriends before. mike asked to be my boyfriend. he said he would buy me things and drive me and my friends everywhere and teach me stuff. i agreed cus that all sounds really cool. we've been dating for maybe a month. my parents don't know.
mike texted me one night and asked if i knew what a BJ was and i said not really. i know like the word. but i didn't know like what it was. and he said he would show me tomorrow when he picks me up after school. so he picked me up and brought me back to his really small apartment. but we didn't go inside. he never lets me inside but i can tell its small. we sat in his car and smoked a little bit before he took out his phone and showed me this dirty video of a girl that looked about my age or maybe younger, i couldn't tell. but she was sucking on a guy. mike didn't say anything, we just watched it and didn't talk. but he kept rubbing his leg. when it was over he asked me what i thought and rubbed his leg some more.
i said it was weird and i don't usually watch dirty videos. then he started petting my hair. he does that a lot and i really like it. but then he grabbed a hold of my hair and it kinda hurt. and he kept grabbing harder and when i wanted to say ouch or something he pushed my head down. i don't really know how to tell the rest. he just shoved it down my throat and it hurt and it was really gross. he was still grabbing my hair really hard and yanking it to make my head move. i kept gagging and i couldn't breathe. especially when he covered my nose. he let me go and i just started crying. i never did that before and it hurt and i was covered in snot and drool.
mike said he was sorry then drove me home. i only told my friends on discord and they thought it was funny. i haven't texted mike since then. its been like a week. i miss him. but its really weird.

3 months ago

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    • I don't understand all negative comments
      I had similar experience. I was 13 and had major crush on my friends older brother 19.
      I was on a sleepover at my friend's house.
      I couldn't sleep maybe to much soda.
      Anyway I go to their den to watch some TV. Her brother was there watching porn. I surprised him said sorry I go back to bed. But he said no come sit by him.

      I did was surprised he had his underwear down and was hard .
      Asked me if I ever saw one I said only pics.

      He took my hand and showed me how to play with it. There was a girl giving a bj on the porn asking me to try. I wasn't very good so he tried licking my pussy.
      He had me squirming, he asked if he could try his penis in me.
      I said I didn't think it fit but he tried after a few minutes he got a little in. Then he pushed hard I yelled to stop. He said it only hurt because I was a virgin.

      It started to feel better and he said he was going to cum I beg him to pull out
      As he was I had my first orgasm and wrap my legs around him. He pushed hard in me and came.

      He said he knew he should have pulled out but things got intense, I said I know

      It was scary few weeks. My friend finally figured out why I was so nervous all the time. When she found out it was her brother she said he taught her about sex to. I was so relieved when my period came.

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