My husband's friend

It wasn't long after we got married we were invited to a pool party by My husband's friend Mike. It was at his parents house and they had a really nice place in the country with an in ground pool. My husband and I were sitting at a table by the pool when his friend Mike dove into the pool from the diving board. He played around with his young stepbrother and then climbed out right in front of us. His crotch was right at eye level. I couldn't help but notice the wet outline of his package. We talked a few minutes then he walked away and went inside the house. I made a comment about him being rather well endowed. Dave my husband asked how I knew. I told him cause his wet bathing suit hid nothing. So this got Dave's interest up and he asked me how big did I think he was. I said I don't know seven or eight inches. Then he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I said no as I had no interest in him. He just didn't do anything for me sexually.

Dave asked me if I might consider maybe at least performing oral sex on his friend. I said no. But he continued to bug me about doing something. Finally he told me he would give me anything I wanted if I would agree to suck his friends cock. He told me how turned on the whole idea was making him. I didn't want to but I finally said ok but you have to do or give me whatever I wanted. Dave went and got his friend Mike and then we all went into a spare guest bedroom. There Dave told Mike that if he whipped out his dick I would give him head. This was very awkward and we just ended up staring at each other. Dave would talk to me and then he would tell Mike it was ok. All he had to do was pull out his cock and I would do it. But Mike just stood there motionless. Then Dave said maybe I should just go over and take charge and pull his swim trunks down and get busy.

I was getting really tired of just standing around looking stupidly at each other. So I walked over to Mike and I told him it's ok if you'd rather not. He finally said he would like to but was scared about the whole thing. I told him nothing to be afraid off I wouldn't hurt him. I reached down inside the front of his swim trunks and took hold of his penis. It started getting hard almost immediately. I pulled it out and I stroked it giving my husband a mean look. I asked him are you sure cause there is no turning back once I do this. He swallowed and with a cracking voice said yes. So I then knelt before Mike and I pulled his swim trunks all the way down. I pushed back my long hair and I tilted my head to get a better angle. I began to lick on Mikes long hard cock. It was about seven and a half inches. Much bigger than my husband's little four inch cock. I licked him all over including his big balls. Then I took him all the way into my mouth and he gagged me when it hit the back of my throat so I choked up on him placing my hand around his base. I could hear the loud sucking and slurping noises I was making as I worked on him.

Dave was busy with his hand down his swim suit playing with himself. It didn't take very long at all. Maybe fifteen minutes and the next thing I knew Mike had filled my mouth full of his semen. It wasn't bad at all. It was rather sweet unlike my hubby's which was salty. It was a lot though and it was running down my chin and from the sides of my mouth. Mike fell back on the bed and laid there. I called my hubby over and I reached inside and grabbed his little hard four inch cock. I pulled down his pants and I stroked him. Mike sat up on the bed and when he saw Dave's cock he commented how small he was. I told him to be nice. Then I sucked my husband off and when he ejaculated I just let him shoot it all over my face and neck. Then I went into the bathroom and washed my face. It was a rather quiet ride home after that. I was looking at Dave and I could tell he was feeling different about me. I told him as he helped me out of the car not one word. You made this happen now live with it. Later that night as we made love he wanted to know if I enjoyed Mike's bigger cock. I told him that sucking cock does little for me sexually. I'd rather fuck given the choice. He was surprised by my revelation. I told him to forget as I wasn't going to fuck his friend. But my husband is persistent and he invited Mike to come stay with us one weekend. And if your wondering yes I ended up sleeping with his friend on several occasion although he felt good fucking me I really didn't feel any desire for him.


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  • Just enjoy a big cock you don't have to love them honey. In fact I haven't loved many men. But I have enjoyed sex with many men and several at one time. But you don't have to love them that's just shit people tell you have to do to be fulfilled but it's totally not true. When you free yourself to become a total slut you are finally free. Trust me I wouldn't lie to you. I might lay with you though as I do enjoy both men and women.

  • You should of fucked and sucked them both let them use you and your holes good

  • Had I not been such a naïve young wife I probably would have. Mike's larger penis felt so good in me. God I love large men.

  • Try my cock out you'll be singing my praises in no time

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