Sorted night

We had some friends over Friday night for pizza and some gains. 2 couples and 2 guy friends. Everyone was feeling pretty good from too many drinks. Talk turned to kissing and who was the best. The 3 women finally agreed they would judge. One of the wives, call her J said it was kind of wrong. But we all did it. Single guy named Mike won, with my wife voting loudly for him and swayed vote.

I had let the dog out back at one point when J was in the kitchen. She followed me to the back asking about the dog. Out of nowhere, she starts kissing me hard, mumbling something about the contest not over. We kissed, then she reached into my pants and started feeling my dick. I got hard quickly. She broke it off suddenly and just won.

Shortly after J announced they had to get home and they left pretty quickly. The other couple left then too. Mike and his friend, T....were both too drunk to drive so they crashed. T passed out almost immediately. My wife told Mike there was an extra bed and we showed him, although I dove into my bed first as I was really drunk too. My wife gave Mike some towels and said, you get one more goodnight kiss for being the winner. I could see their kiss turn really passionate but my head was spinning so I closed them for what I thought was a second. I thought I was only out for a second but when I opened them again, my wife and Mike were having sex on a chair in the room, both naked. I said what the F and my wife came over immediately, she was all sexed up and started kissing me asking if I liked that.

She pulled my pants down and started sucking me, I could tell after a minute that Mike was back screwing her from behind. My wife was moaning loudly. Then I looked up and saw T standing there watching. He came over and started feeling my wives tits. Lots more stuff started happening but soon she was on the bed and they had both screwed her. T had a super big dick and my wife was moaning like never before. They both came in her without condoms. She’s in the pill but still....she started to moan for me to screw her. I got on top but then she said to eat her and she would cum. I was weirded out but that because they both had cum in her. I licked on the outside and it was salty and sticky. But she started to really orgasm and pulled my hair and head and pushed it deep. She was orgasming so loudly. Their stuff was pouring out of her. I was disgusted but turned on by everything all at the same time. After like 10 minutes of that I sat up and shot all over her. She was smiling and just closed her eyes. The guys had watched but then left the room.

In the morning they were gone and my wife and I talked about it. She said she was ashamed but it was also sexy. We had great sex. She got really wild. When I came in her she was begging me to go down on her. I was like no way but she was saying she was so close. I did and she quickly had an orgasm. I swear she almost peed on me as she was literally dripping wet. The sheets were really soaked.

She said it was a one time thing but who knows

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  • You have no idea how lucky you are

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