Post-swap complications

Last week I skipped school with my friend Jocelyn and our boyfriends and we had a nice time hanging out at the mall, going to lunch, and spending time at the park. We were kissing our guys when my bf said he wanted to fuck me. I said no, not in front of friends, but he talked me into it. We found a private area in the park and had sex. Jocelyn and her bf Mike had sex too, right next to us.

While we were fucking our guys Mike made an off-hand comment that we should swap. I said no way, I love my bf, but Jocelyn said she'd be into trying out my bf, since she'd only ever had sex with Mike. My bf was up for fucking Jocelyn too, I could tell by the look in his eyes. I felt out-voted, so I said ok, just for a couple of minutes. I felt like we were good enough friends to handle it.

It was a little weird when we switched, emotionally strange really. Mike felt great inside me, he's thicker than my bf, but it was weird having someone that close who wasn't my bf. He wanted to kiss me while we fucked, and we did, though that felt a little weird too. He kissed totally different, it was so strange. Like kissing a stranger.

Of course it didn't take long for the guys to finish, and tbh, I didn't really enjoy it, though it was fine. I learned that I like making love to my bf, not having impersonal sex. Other than fucking him for a few minutes and considering him a friend, I felt no emotional connection towards Mike whatsoever. We all talked about what we felt like afterwards, and I said it was an interesting experience, but that I only wanted my bf going forward. Jocelyn said pretty much the same, though I think she had a better time, cause she definitely had an orgasm with my bf. That made me feel a little jealous, tbh. We talked about that too.

The issue is that since then Mike has been texting me about how much he enjoyed fucking me, that I'm better than Jocelyn, that he felt a spiritual connection with me, that he's in love with me now, yada yada. He wants me to ditch my bf for him. I told him that isn't gonna happen, that I like him as a friend, but nothing more, but he's really head over heels for me. He won't stop.

I haven't told my bf about his messages, cause he'd get pissed off. I haven't told Jocelyn about this issue, cause she loves Mike and would be really hurt. And she's my best friend. I'm exhausted by the drama.


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  • If there’s no emotional attraction why continue? I’m sure you’d feel an emptiness and that wouldn’t be good.
    Sex would only be good if you were only looking for that. Tell him to leave it alone

  • Let Mike and your bf fight if your bf loses dump him because he lost

  • Have seen this before. Don't tell her GF or your BF what the guy said to you. Tell the dude to knock it off and it was a one off as this isn't something for you will do again.

  • Tell him face to face it was just a fuck and to cut the love staying with boyfriend

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